Thursday, November 4, 2010

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

The puppies are HERE!!!!! They were born 2 weeks ago at 4:30 in the read that right...the way everything went down is actually quite comical. So I was having a girls slumber party, the Bug was at Swoozie's, and Raymond was hunting all weekend.....all of the girls kept asking me when she was due, and I honestly had no idea....I thought in the next week or so. But quite the contrary my blovies....I had NO idea what was about to unfold later that night...Oh yes, my best friend woke me up (after several repeated attempts from my drunken coma) to my dog's water breaking and then shortly thereafter shooting out her my kitchen....HOLY COW...yes, it was even more disgusting than I am describing it in case you were is a girl who doesn't "do" outdoors and I am birthing puppies in my nightgown on my kitchen floor....the girls were awesome...everyone of them on their bberries googling dog a short time later 8 beautiful puppies were snuggled up next to my sweet sweet Tellie..... The Mama!
The Daddy!
The boys...there are 4
They're so precious!!
Look at those smooshed faces!!
The ladies!!!! There are 4
Oh my darling!!
They are so cute...but it was still the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced.
The puppies will be ready December 18th but we are willing to keep them until Christmas Eve. We are in the Columbia area so if you, or anyone you know is interested, email me!! The puppies are all light in color (no reds), AKC registered and have incredible, papered bloodlines and the mama weighs in (pre pregnancy) 50 pounds and the daddy approx 85 pounds.
Exciting times in the Hamilton household!!!!!!! Blessings abound!!!!!