Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Day of Freedom!!!!

This could potentially be my last post as just a wife.....I may blog tomorrow before depending on if I need to vent or not.
The diapers are put up, the wipe warmer is stocked, the swing and bouncer and stroller are put together and waiting her arrival. The nursery is (almost) done (I just have a monogram that has to be painted on the wall left to do), the bottles are sterilized, the clothes are washed and hung up....I think I've got my bases covered. My bags are pretty much packed, the house is in good shape, we went shopping yesterday for all the things we will need in the hospital including snacks and drinks, gifts for the nursing staff, gifts for my doctor and his staff, necessities for the house, etc. After two stints in the hospital, you become a pro! I don't think I've left a stone unturned.
Today is my last day of "singledom"....from here on out, I will no longer just have just myself to think about. I haven't slept in a few days. Neither has Raymond. I think we are both anxious, nervous, excited, worn out, the list of emotions goes on and on. I have had many surgeries (unfortunately) but they've always been taking something out! Not taking something out and giving it back to me!!! Plus, I've never had a spinal- I've just always had general anesthesia. So, this will be many a firsts for us but we couldn't be more excited.
Today we are off to the club while the husbands all play golf...I am just going to relax with some girlfriends by having lunch and enjoying the cool water. It has been so hot here the past few days that about the only way you can find some relief is to be in the water. Tonight hopefully I will be worn out from the sun and get some sleep- we'll see about this- at least I am getting prepared for functioning on sleepless nights.
Thank you all for all of your prayers, emails, comments, phone calls, texts over the past few weeks. It truly has gotten us through some of our darkest moments. We couldn't have done it without all of you! We will be posting updates from the hospital and hope that you all have a wonderful week!!!

See you soon!!!!!

Love, Charlotte

Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer TV

So I am somewhat a tv addict to begin with....but ever since being put on bed rest, my addiction has stepped up to a whole new level. I watch things that I always turned up my nose to before.
Of all the newly found tv shows, this one is my favorite.....
WE's "Little Miss Perfect" about the life behind the scenes of baby pageant world....before you start judging you should really watch. It is quite the comedic act. They find these country bumkins (I can say that because I am from the South) and follow their journeys of competing in the Little Miss Perfect beauty pageant. Hair extensions, spray tans, teeth whitenings, Aqua Net galore! I think the thing that gets me is that these moms push and push and push the beauty aspect, but their children use the WORST grammar and cannot speak! Granite, incorrect spelling and bad grammar is right up there at the top of my pet peeves, I think no matter how you were raised, if you have bad grammar it screams ignorance, but I think these beauty pageants should be used for the good. Encourage these little girls to be articulate and well spoken. But hey, no one asked me!
But all was topped when they showcased a little girl from Raymond's HOMETOWN!!!!! I about died!!! He is from a small town named Chester, about halfway between here and Charlotte, NC. I always tease him about being raised in the country when he does something strange, especially being that city Queen that I am : ) But this just topped it all! Unfortunately, Chester is a sweet little town with loads of charm and wonderful people and WE did not do it justice. Which, what more do you expect?
Off to the doctor today for my LAST prenatal appointment. It didn't quite hit me until this morning when I was sitting in Georgia's nursery. I sit in there every morning and have some coffee and just rock in her glider and take it all in. It smells so good in there and it's so clean and fresh. Raymond and I are about to embark on a wild ride of parenthood and up until this point, it has seemed somewhat surreal. I have a lot to think about- the first moments with her home, still making Tellie feel important (this is probably one of my greatest fears), learning how to balance it all, and focusing on being the best mom that I can possibly be. All I've wanted to be my whole life is a good mom to my children and I am so excited that God has granted me this opportunity. I will certainly miss the comfort of her being inside me, I don't have to worry about anything- I know she's getting plenty to eat, I don't have to worry about her crying or being in pain, or being away from her. She's with me everywhere I go. That will all change in a matter of a few days. I am so thankful for Raymond who is there for me every step of the way so I know that I have him to fall back on. We make a great team and for this I am so blessed. Today is a very bittersweet moment for me- it's a great moment, but I am saddened by the ending of my pregnancy. Despite how it may seem from my blog, I have so enjoyed this part of my life. It has been wonderful and I have loved being pregnant. Raymond and I are so excited to meet our baby girl and cannot wait to bring her home! We will certainly keep you updated with our status over the next few days. Stay tuned for our journey into parenthood!!

"When the night has come and the land is dark. And the moon is the only light we'll see. No I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid; just as long as you stand, stand by me."
-Ben E. King

Love, Charlotte, Raymond and Tellie

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Heat is Here!!!!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen......the HEAT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! I took Tellie out for a bit earlier and my goodness it was stifling!! It's getting to that point that aside from laying my happy behind at the pool, I cannot find relief anywhere! I am so lucky that the pool is only about a 5 minute drive from our house so I can be there in no time! My doctor said that the water is really good for pregnant women- it completely allows you to be weightless and take some pressure off of your joints and back and what not all the while getting some much needed Vitamin D.....luckily this pregnant thing will only be affecting me for a few more days. Looks like the pool is calling my name....
My hats go off to ALL of you women who have been/will be pregnant throughout the summer. I think that Raymond would probably not talk to me ever again if he had to experience that with me. I cannot imagine anything worse!! I know I know I's all worth it when you hold that little baby but let me tell you, while you have swollen limbs that make you look like you have elephantitis and everything hurts and aches, the LAST thing you are thinking about is how it will all be worth it. Some pregnant women are just too darn optimistic for me : ) I am a realist. I am all about keeping the mama for the mean time, what keeps this mama happy is a freezer stocked with popsicles and ice cream, plenty of flavored seltzer waters in the fridge, blogging (this is an all inclusive term for fb'ing, tweeting, etc), leg massages (back massages not so much since I can no longer get on my stomach) and spending time with my wonderful husband and precious furball. I am planning on taking a few bump watch pictures just to do a final round up of what I look like so I will post those in the next day or two.

"What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me ? Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song and I'll try not to sing out of key."

Hope you all are having fun avoiding the heat!!!!

Love, Charlotte

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My first blogging award!!!

Wow!! My first award!! I started this blog a few months ago to keep the masses of friends and family informed because it was much easier than email. But this afternoon I checked my blog and I have been nominated for my very first blogging award!

Beth over at Social Climbers ( nominated me for Queen of ALLL things!!!! I feel so lucky!!! Thanks Beth!!! And as a part of the requirements, I have to now name 7 things that are awesome about here we go.......

1. I am very good at my job...and no not my job as a lovely housewife/mama-to-be, but at my "real" job. I love being in the insurance industry and I love helping people. I have accomplished alot and become an expert in my field, which prides me greatly.

2. I like to keep a clean house. I wasn't like this growing up and my mama sure didn't think I would ever turn out like I have (I was the teenager whose clothes covered her floor) but call it growing up, call it "nesting" but I just like to have things in order now. This is a huge accomplishment for me!!

3. I am a devoted friend. I will listen all day to your problems, and as far back as grade school, have always been the one who people divulged to. Even now, Raymond and I will go places, and people that I barely know will open up to me and tell me their entire life stories in minutes! Raymond says it must be somehow I make people feel.

4. I love my husband and dog more than anything in this world. You know those crazy dog people that treat their pets like children? Yep, that's me! She is my right hand little lady.

5. More than anything in this world, I am looking forward to becoming a mom. It's knocking on my door and I couldn't be more excited. I definitely don't feel as though my life would have been complete without children and I am so beyond thrilled that Raymond and I are blessed enough to be starting our family.

6. I am an AVID Junior Leaguer!!! This coming year I am Co-Chair of an awesome project that we are starting up called Girl Scouts: Behind the Fences where we are reaching out to girls at the Department of Juvenile Justice. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing project and I look forward to the impact that we are going to make in these precious girls lives.

7. I am ALWAYS up on the latest and greatest in what's going on in Hollywood. Some people call it an addiction, but hey, I always have the scoop! It's my vice!! I had to throw one in here!!!

Now I have to name 7 bloggers who I think are great and who I love reading!!!!

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And now, the Queenly Duties are as follows:
1. List 7 things that make me awe-summm.
2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love.
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you).

Please go over and check all of these crafty and fabulous ladies out! They have some super blogs and I love reading them!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!!!!!

"Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine. You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life. See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen"

Love, Charlotte

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We have a delivery date!!!!!

We went to the doctor today for our check up and we have scheduled our delivery for next Monday!!!! Raymond and I are thrilled that the end is in sight!! I have yet to have any relief from my headache and my blood pressure has stabilized somewhat but still not out of the woods there yet. Being pre-eclamptic, they were preparing to deliver the baby at 37 weeks. Next Monday, I will be 36 1/2 weeks. So we really aren't too ahead of schedule!! I will be having a C Section as I have yet to even begin to experience any dilation at this point. They will check me again on Friday, but we went ahead and scheduled the surgery so that we would be on the books. At this point, to be induced, I would be in labor for a long time (my doctor said I wouldn't deliver before Tuesday) and the risk of still having to have a section is still about 50/50 at that point. So, after weighing all of the options and pros and cons, and over all of the surprises out of left field, Raymond and I felt it was just safest to go ahead and prepare for the C Section. I am perfectly comfortable with this, and I see where this is a decision that some people don't take lightly. It is so personal and I feel it's that way because of all the unsolicited advice/condemnation that people give you. It's amazing to me the way people are able to talk to you as if they know your situation and they have been there throughout your whole ordeal! To me, the end result is the same and we are just focused on bringing our precious bundle into the world the safest and best way for us. I realize that my recovery will be a little rough and I have prepared myself for the worst. We also realize that at 36 weeks, Georgia may have to spend a little time in the NICU and so we hope for the best with that situation. We have a wonderful pediatrician and an awesome OB/Gyn so we feel confident that we will receive the best care! Luckily, we are now pros at the L and D floor at Baptist and we have gotten to know all of the nurses up there and are very comfortable with who will be taking care of us. We are so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers and appreciate everything all of you have done!!!

Love, Charlotte and her thankful clan

Friday, May 22, 2009


This blog is totally dedicated to wishing my wonderful and fabulous sister in law Keys a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! As I mentioned the other day, Keys and I are much more than sister in laws. I truly feel so very blessed to have had her brought into my life. I always joke to Raymond that I owe his brother a huge hug and kiss for marrying her! She is the kind of friend that is there for you no matter what's going on in her life. And lately, she has been such a wonderful outlet for me to vent to! I am so thankful for our phone calls that go on for hours, for all of the late nights we've stayed up talking (and drinking wine!), for the advice that she always seems to have up her sleeve, and for her purely non judgemental attitude towards life. Keys, you are truly one of my best friends and I love you so much! I hope this birthday- albeit a very special one indeed- stands out among the rest and you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!
"Don't let the rain get you down, it's a waste of time. Have your fun, live every day in the bright sunshine. Be young, be foolish, be happy."
-The Tams
Love, Charlotte

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This morning we are headed back to the doctor for our second check up of the week. No changes in the headache. The blood pressure seems to have stabilized somewhat. But, we are using an at home machine and Raymond and I aren't 100% convinced that it's completely accurate. I think it's close enough. Was able to get some sleep last night but the toll of the headache is starting to wear on me and my nerves. I had a lovely visit from one of my co workers last night and she brought over a gift from my office. It definitely lifted my spirits and it was nice to catch up with her! They gave me my swing and some adorable little animals that clip onto things and make noises for the baby. It was so thoughtful of them and it just reminded Raymond and I once again, how loved we are and how much we mean to people. It is so overwhelming!
Today we will get hooked up to the fetal monitor and like I've said before, we usually have very good results with this!
This Thursday I am so thankful for.....
  • Making it this far in my pregnancy safely
  • Having an incredibly healthy and resilient baby
  • My amazing husband and all that he does for me on a daily basis
  • All of our incredible family and friends who have been there for us and continued their prayers for our health
  • My wonderful office in allowing me to completely let go of work and allowing me to not stress about it at all
  • Raymond's work for being so unbelievably understanding throughout all of this- his boss begs him to take time off and relax
  • My mama, Liz, Blair and Keys- you all have been so wonderful and without you, I think I would have lost it a long time ago
  • My compassionate and very sympathetic medical team- they are fantastic!
  • Last but most importantly, my Lord and Savior for following through with His promise that he will never forsake me and that he has a plan. My faith has been tested throughout all of this, but it has been such a wonderful opportunity to draw me closer to Him.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and we will send updates as we get them!!

Love, Charlotte

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost there!

Well our nursery is almost complete! The glider came in, the curtains are hung and the clothes are all washed (after several loads)! My mom is going to come out this weekend and help me get super organized- we still have one challenge left as far as getting the diapers and wipes organized but I think we have found a solution so we will post pictures of that once complete. I also have a girl coming to paint a monogram on the wall and another girl I have commissioned to custom make a painting for Georgia. I think this weekend we will hang some shelves, get the video monitoring up and going, get the pack and play and stroller put together and we should be good to go!!
Still no relief with the new medicine for my headache. It's all about pain management at this point and I don't really realize that my head is hurting so bad until someone asks me about it. I just try and tune it out. We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning and will get hooked up to the fetal monitor. We always have really good results with the Non Stress Test so we hope tomorrow will be no different! I have been taking Iron supplements to help with my anemia and hope to see some of my energy return soon enough. On a positive note, my appetite has been insatiable lately so hopefully I won't have any more weight loss1 My weight gain has been pretty much non existent the past two weeks, but baby girl still seems to be getting what she needs! She 5 pounds 1 ounce two weeks ago (this puts her in the 68 percentile) so we are really thrilled with her growth. Even though we get ultrasounds every week, they only weigh once every few weeks to insure accuracy.
We do have a few prayer requests and we feel so blessed to have all of you rooting us on.
Please pray for Raymond's coworker and his wife. They are due in July and I think she is experiencing some difficulties as well. We of course can sympathize with them and know how frustrating it can be verging into the unknown. We pray for the health of her and their baby boy.
Please pray for my sister in law Key's grandfather. He is in the hospital and trying to recoup from some surgery. He is 86 and going strong so we hope that he has a speedy recovery and her family can find some relief and he can return home soon. Keys is so totally more than a sister in law to me and is truly a Godsend to me and I feel so very blessed to have her in my life. Neither one of us were blessed with blood sisters so we are so lucky to have each other to bitch to! She has definitely been a major factor in keeping my sanity!! I love you girl!! Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!!

"Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you."

Love, Charlotte and her crew

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I will praise you in this storm

I am blogging to you from my lovely dorm room as Raymond calls it. Just wanted to quickly update everyone on our status. Yesterday we had an MRI at the call of a Neurologist and everything turned out fine. Except for the fact that a loud and obnoxious MRI is not exactly what I recommend to someone battling a headache! We also had an ultrasound after that and Georgia passed with FLYING colors! Every moment that I tend to head in the direction of a depressed state of mind, I just remind myself that our situation could me so much worse. Our baby girl is thriving despite her mommy's miserable condition and for that Raymond and I could not be more thankful. We don't know when we are heading home, and we try our hardest not to focus on that. We have succumbed to being here until our baby girl arrives. That way, our expectations will not be failed and our disappointment will be kept to a minimum. Today marks the third day of my steroid treatment for the headache and sadly, I don't see much relief. The neurologist this morning was going to see if there was something else they might be able to try. They can't treat a pregnant woman like any ordinary person, so it makes it a little different. And while, I am incredibly laid back when it comes to all the "dangers" out there to the fetus, I am reluctant to just keep pumping drugs into my body. I have to draw the line at some point. Luckily for me, my incredible and amazing doctor has so much compassion for me and will not keep the baby inside at the risk of my sanity or my health. Luckily, we are far enough along that they feel confident in her survival and low risk of long term effects from an early delivery. My swelling has increased today slightly and my BP has been a little more erratic than desired. So we shall see what the doctors have to say about that. We just pray that this is not a makor set back. So far they have been able to keep the pre-elcampsia at bay and my condition has been ideal except for the headache. My doc is out of town so NOTHING major can happen until Monday! I love all of the doctors in my practice, but any High Risk pregnant woman can concur that you get so attached to your doctor. He has been there every step of the way and never led me to doubt him- so yesterday when he came to see us, I specifically made sure that he would be the one guiding me through the end. He assured me that unless some strange situation pops up and he can't get here, he will be here for me, for us. That made Raymond and I feel a lot better. I just need Georgia to cooperate! We will continue to sink our roots in God and weather this storm the best way we know how. With diligent prayer, and unwavering faith. We know that He has a plan for us and He has yet to lead us astray.
I send my very best out to our dear friends Hamp and Rebecca tonight. Rebecca, I know that you are going to be the most beautiful bride and I know that the wedding will be everything and more that you've imagined. Hamp, take care of her! I wish you all of the happiness that I desire for Raymond and myself. You both deserve it!
For the rest of you prayer warriors, please continue your ever diligent prayer and song of praise to our wonderful God. Please continue to pray for our medical team, for G's continued growth and overall health and for my ever loving husband who has "slept" on the worst possible bed and keeps watch over me to make sure that I want for nothing. He continues to inspire me. We so appreciate all of them and believe me, it has made a world of a difference!!!
We love you all!!

"And I'll praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands. For You are who You are, no matter where I am and every tear I've cried, You hold in your hand. You never left my side and though my heart is torn, I will praise You in this storm."
Casting Crowns

Love, Charlotte and her clan

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still here....

Hey all you sweet supporters!!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just haven't felt like blogging lately. And I just don't like posting whiny blogs. To sum it up, we went to the doctor for visit #1 of the week and my bp was up to their surprise. They were also a little concerned with my persistent headache. They increased my medicine but I think this ultimately caused me to become lightheaded and dizzy and lost my bearings on Tuesday. I am thankful that Raymond was at home with me otherwise I might have been terrified trying to pick myself up off the bathroom floor. We went back to the doctor on Tuesday and....yep, you guessed it, they put me back in the hospital. So here I am just sitting here, on painkillers, trying to get rid of this headache. Nothing was working so they sent a Neurologist up to examine me and he has ordered an MRI for sometime today. They have also ordered an ultrasound today as well. I haven't updated because although I am trying to keep my spirits up, it's just really hard this time around. I am 34 weeks today and I am trying to stay positive. It's really hard in the face of a storm. To make it worse, I just don't feel good. I am cranky and irritable and going on no sleep. The doctors are literally working around the clock to make me feel better and I know the are so frustrated because they have to come in here and tell me that they don't know what's causing my headache. At this point, we are taking it day by day. We are so thankful for every day we get with Georgia still inside. We believe that those days are numbered at this point.
This weekend our dear friends H and R are getting married and I won't be able to be there. The having to get out of work has been tough, the bed rest has been seriously boring, but missing their wedding weekend by far has been the largest disappointment and biggest hurdle that I am having to overcome. Pregnancy officially stinks right now. I know, I know, I know I have heard it a million times that the most important thing is for me to be healthy and for Georgia to be safe. But I am sick of hearing that-and I am tired of hearing that. It's just not something that makes me feel better. I am not one that doesn't mind missing out on a major milestone of someone I deeply care about. Today is just a gloomy day for me. I guess somehow in the back of my head I thought, oh despite all of this, somehow my doctor would release me to attend. I will be there in spirit and I wish them all the happiness in the world. H and R, I love you both so much and I will toast my own little painkiller cocktail to you tonight.
We really appreciate all of your prayers and calls and texts but we politely ask for no visitors as I don't really know what my mood is like- I try and sleep whenever I can and with the headache, I am afraid I don't make very good company. It's pretty straining just to have a conversation so I really appreciate you just sending me your good thoughts! Also, please pray for the continued growth of our baby girl, she needs to stay just a little longer inside to gain some more strength! And most importantly, please pray for Raymond. He has been so wonderful and I could not do this without him. He's just so amazing and he continues to inspire me and keep me sane. This is why I love him so- he's the greatest!! So just keep praying and save your energy for when our baby girl decides to grace us with her presence.
We love you all,
Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

Monday, May 11, 2009

1 step forward....several steps back

First, I hope that all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was superb. Raymond cooked me french toast and sausage and delivered it to me in bed with a super sweet card. Then we literally did NOTHING but lay in bed with Tellie and watched movies all day. It was so nice just relaxing and catnapping all day. It was exactly what I needed and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who spoils me so! We had to miss out on lunch with my mom and Davis so I was pretty bummed about that but I am so excited to give my mom her present so as soon as I give it to her I will post pictures of it- I know you'll love it as much as I do! She's an amazing woman who continues to inspire me everyday and she's the best mama I could ask for. I can't wait for Georgia to know just how wonderful her Swoozie is!
On a different note, we went to the doctor this morning. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. It has come back tenfold. I feel really crummy today and I am tired, nauseous, crampy and achy. We had our ultrasound done first, and we were a little apprehensive because the past two weeks, Georgia has failed the breathing part of the biophysical profile. The doctors haven't been too alarmed as it is not that uncommon since I am still early on for the breathing part. But they do expect to see the muscles working at this point and in order for her to pass the test, she has to "breathe" for 30 seconds. Two weeks ago she didn't do it all, and last week, she would breathe, but only for about 10 seconds. But this morning, Miss G blew us away with her phenomenal breathing capability!!! Within the first five minutes of us being in there, we were able to get all of the aspects of the test done and she passed with flying colors! This was such a relief to us and God had definitely answered our prayers. We also had a 3D/4D ultrasound done and so I have some of those images that as soon as Raymond scans them and sends them to me I will post them on here. Our little peach weighs approx 5 lbs 1 oz and is in the 68 percentile. I had actually lost a pound which wasn't all that unusual as I have lost weight throughout the entire pregnancy. That definitely came as a surprise since I have done nothing but eat since I'm home all day! I was sure I had definitely gained a ton- or at least that' how I feel since my stomach continues to expand day by day. Good to know that bed rest isn't going to my thighs!! Unfortunately, my blood pressure was up a good bit and I figured as much since my headache had come back- I have gotten pretty in tune with my body and I can tell when things are a little off. If it doesn't get better in the next day or so they are going to readmit me to the hospital. They changed up my medication a little so hopefully we will be able to stabilize the bp with that. We are a little disheartened in that we thought we were doing really well and going to be able to bypass any more stays in the hospital but it looks like we can't know that for sure. My body has taken on a mind of its own so we just hope that we can buy another week or two (preferably even longer!!) before Georgia comes. With this news comes the realization that my life truly is on hold until the baby comes and that means I will have to miss out on things that I really want to partake in. But, no sacrifice is too large when it comes to the health of me and Gigi-
Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we are not out of the woods quite yet and still need out baby girl to sit a while longer before she enters this world.

"Grow old along with me the best is yet to be."
-Robert Browning

Love, Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a beautiful mornin'.....

The sun is shining, I've got some new books, and the Vitamin D is calling my name! I think I am going to go take my preggers behind and lay in my front yard. A while ago Raymond bought one of those camping chairs that has a foot rest. I made fun of him at the time, guess I am now eating my words....this way my feet will still be elevated and I will still be resting! I think some sun will do me and Baby G some good. MORE importantly though, OUR BABY COMES HOME TODAY!!!! I am so excited! Milton and Keys are going to bring her on their way home to Charleston from Chester. I was like a kid on Christmas morning today, I woke up and the first thing that popped into my head was her arrival. I've already planned a serious Saturday Snuggle Day for us to catch up on almost TWO weeks of no cuddling! This day is off to a fabulous start! I had breakfast delivered to me in bed by my Bobby Flay hubby, I'm gonna get some color and our Tellie comes home...what a life!
I will be sure to post some pictures of her homecoming this afternoon- I'm sure there will be lots of her infamous "crying" that she does along with maybe a tinkle or two on the carpet (her signature move)....gotta love it

Love, C

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thunderstorm Thursday

So it would be fitting that the weather during my first week of bed rest has been nothing short of gloomy and yucky and I truly think that this is God's way of helping me through the first couple of days. No doubt that if it had been sunny all week, it would be have been MUCH harder for me to resist the temptation of going outside and getting some Vitamin D. I am not going to lie, this whole bed rest thing has been much harder than I thought it was going to be. Luckily, my doctor says that I do not have to go overboard with the literal term of "bed rest" His main objective is just to keep my feet up and not having me stressed out. I can get up, walk around, do light cooking, retrieve things for myself, etc. Hardcore housework- I think not. Driving- negative. Exercise- no ma'am. He also told me that I know my body well so if I feel dizzy or lightheaded or heaven's to Betsy, start seeing stars, I know what to do. Luckily I have a doctor who doesn't expect me to be immobile for the next few week. So would I survive if I literally had to be flat on my back 24 hours a day? Probably not. I think that Raymond would probably have to have me sedated so that I would stay in bed. I wondered why I had heard of these women who had to be flat on their backs for all but going to the bathroom and he said that my condition doesn't call for that. For whatever reason, their situations they needed to have all the pressure off of their bodies and attempting to stop any ongoing/potential premature labor, which thank goodness, is not a threat at this point. My body shows no sign of going into labor right now- I think I've had a few contractions and the monitor showed that in the hospital, but nothing to be alarmed about. All I can say is that I am so thankful this is not me- I give total praise to anyone who has had to endure agony of that nature. You are definitely a saint in my book.
Our visit this morning at the doctor went really well. We were hooked up to the fetal monitor and had my blood pressure checked. Baby G looked really good and I drank a Mello Yello before I went in so she gave us lots of movement. It is such an incredible feeling to feel her moving all around and it's very reassuring to Dr. Wild that my bp isn't affecting her at this point. He told me to continue taking it easy and we will see him on Monday! We will go back every Monday and Thursday from here on out so our fears of my situation progressing and getting worse without us being able to catch it has been eased slightly since we are at the doctor's office so much. They hopefully will catch it before I take a severe downfall.
Last night Georgia was full of energy and we think it was the delicious Strawberry Shortcake that Raymond and I made for dessert. We could see my stomach jumping all around and we got plenty more than the desired 10 movements in an hour. I think in 15 minutes we saw and felt her move about 20 times. As the days tick by we get more and more anxious to meet her. When I say anxious, it's not because we are nervous, but just that we are so overwhelmingly excited to meet her. We can't wait to see what color hair she has, her eyes, kiss all 10 fingers and 10 toes, and start the betting on who she will look like more. I love her so much at this moment that I cannot imagine the emotion that will consume me when I first lay eyes on her.
We hope to hang her curtains tonight and I will surely post pictures as soon as we get those and hopefully the glider is not too far behind! Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and thoughts! We have definitely felt the love of all of you this past week!

"It won’t be like this for long. One day soon we'll look back laughin’ at the week we brought her home. This phase is gonna fly by so baby just hold on, cause it won't be like this for long."

Love, Charlotte

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gaggles of Giveaways!

I haven't really gotten into the whole "giveaway" thing in the blog world, mainly because I don't really "get it" and I usually get confused when trying to post links to blogs and what not. BUT, this one from Stroller Patroller ( is WORTH you going and checking out! She is giving away a brand new Toro Stroller! If you or anyone you know is expecting, this is totally worth going over there and entering the contest! The winner will be chosen at random and the entire package is worth $600! Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to blog about it! For those of you that don't know, the Toro is one of the latest and greatest strollers. Similar to a bugaboo- that same style. They are highly rated and uber chic! Miss G sure would be strolling in style! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Love, C

We're almost there!

This is the valance- I have some white sheers with pink tiebacks that will go underneath it.
Her basket full of binkies!!!
Somehow all of these images are cockeyed all over the blog. But, here are some snapshots of the nursery. It's a work in progress, but we are getting there!!!! We are still waiting on the glider to come in and I have to hang the window treatments along with the wall decor. So we will keep the pictures coming! If the pictures are too small, you can click on them and they should open up to a larger image.

The twin bed Miss G's throne

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Challenges

Good evening! We hope this blog finds all of you happy and tired after a good weekend! I am sure most of you are gearing up for another week, and so are we. We are ready to hit this bed rest challenge head on! I know that it will be tough for me as I hate to be cooped up, but I have wonderful friends and family who have already proved they won't let me get too terribly bored! There's always plenty of Lifetime and E! and I guess it's never too late to pick up a soap opera habit!
Yesterday we came home and have been trying to get settled ever since. We both have caught up on some much needed rest and I tell ya, you just can't sleep anywhere like you can in your own bed! Relaxing in my own signature sheets and bathing in my bathroom with my towels seems like the smallest, but largest luxury in the world!
This afternoon, Raymond's parents came down and brought us tons of food. I think we are set with frozen food until the next Cold War sets in! We now have plenty of groceries, casseroles, soups, meat, pasta, and even a few of Big's signature creations! We are so blessed because this way my husband won't be worried about spiffing up dinners from scratch every night and will keep us from having to eat out too often. They also took Tellie back with them earlier this week so that we wouldn't have to keep her in the kennel and while we miss her terribly, we know she is having a blast with her cousin Sissy up in Chester!
My mama came out last night and helped us set up Miss G's bedding. It looks absolutely divine! But would you have expected anything less for our little belle?!?!?!?!? I will post pictures soon, but the nursery is a wreck with all of her clothes everywhere! What is a girl to do? Her clothes multiply by the day so we are trying to get all of them washed and put up. I am really happy with the bedding and I can't wait to share it with all of you!
We have been monitoring my BP a few times a day. Raymond has become a pro at it and takes great delight in bossing me around and me having to take the orders. It's the strangest thing I swear. For the most part, my pressures have all been pretty good. A few curve balls here and there, but the doctor has given us some guidelines for us to go by before we "freak out" and rush to the hospital. We are keeping track of them and will take them with us to the doctor tomorrow morning. Raymond has been a saint at keeping up with all of my medications and making sure that I stay off of my feet. It's much harder than I ever thought it would be! From here on out, we will be going to the doctor twice a week and I will be hooked up to the fetal monitor and ultrasound to make sure that everything is okay with the baby. We are on the countdown now! It's insane to think that she will be here in just a few weeks but we are so excited and so very ready for her.
We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and I cannot wait for Georgia to see just how loved she really is by all of you! Thanks for everything ya'll have done!

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."
-Anthony Brandt

The (once again) Happy Hamilton's

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hello all! I am so happy to be updating this blog from my very own bed! This morning the doctor came in, and although they were still a little troubled by my headache, agreed to let me go home and give it a go here. Raymond and I both hope that with some uninterrupted sleep and being in the comfort of my own home might help alleviate the headache. My blood pressure looked good, still throwing the usual curve ball in there every now and then so we have to monitor it a few times a day. My mama got us this snazzy digital monitor so Raymond is on top of it! He's already checked it since we've gotten home! The doctor said ideally they would keep me until the headache went away altogether, but we promised to call if anything changed and we have an appointment to go back on Monday morning. My lab work looked good, although yesterday they determined that I had developed a bladder infection. Go figure! I jokingly told them to just put it on my tab- might as well! The staff took such good care of me and although 5 days in the hospital can be very trying, they made it as wonderful as possible. I plan on making up a little goody bag for all the nurses and techs over there and taking it to them next week during one of our visits. They sent me home with my BP medicine, some heavy duty Tylenol and some antibiotics so I should be good to go for a while. We also have tons of literature on what to look for for the pre-eclampsia worsening and any preterm labor that might set in. I feel pretty good, just very tired. It's so hard to believe that we have been gone from our home for almost a week and it feels so very good to be home. I realize that I take a lot of things for granted and I vow to change that!
On a much brighter note, Georgia's bedding came in yesterday so my mom went and picked that up for us and is coming out here tonight and helping Raymond set that up. I am so excited to see what the bedding looks like and since it was custom made, I only have the sketches of what I ordered to get me through! I can't wait to see the final product! The glider won't be in for a few more weeks, but should we have to, we have a LaZBoy that can get us through. I filled them in on my condition so they said they would do everything in their power to get it in as soon as possible!!
I know that you all are fully aware of everything that Raymond has been doing and as I am typing, he is downstairs cleaning up the house and catching us up on laundry. He mowed the grass so that it would look nice for us, he watered my plants to make sure they continue to bloom. He ran all over town this afternoon stocking us up on necessities and filling my prescriptions and getting things for the nursery. He's already planning out the meals for each night and arranging it to where he can come home on his lunch break to make me lunch so I don't have to get up. He is holding it together so well and I am just amazed by his strength. I find so much solace and peace from him and I know that I wouldn't be half as sane if it weren't for him lifting me up. I just wanted to say directly to you Raymond that I love you more than anything and I am so thankful for you and all that you continue to do. Georgia, Tellie and I are so very blessed to have you as the number one man in our lives.
I am kicking my feet up and drawing the shade and hopefully going to drift off to dreamland here in a minute.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for all of your prayers and thoughts. It really kept us going these past few days! We have so many wonderful things to look forward to in the next few weeks and we can't wait to share all of the wonderful memories to come with you!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Friday

Well, I thought I would at least try and convince myself it's a fun Friday.....Much to my dismay I am writing this article from my lovely hospital bed. Raymond and I had hoped to be home by now, but this has not happened. I have headache that has the medical team alarmed because it could be a tell tale sign that the pre-eclampsia is getting worse. They increased my medication to try and give me some relief and they are going to try and put me on some different medications to see if those help. My mom came and relieved Raymond today so he has gone home to pick up our baby girl from the kennel and bring her to my mom's to play. He also- I hope- is going to take a real shower, shave, and lay down at my mom's in a real bed and try and get some zzzzz's. He needs a break so bad right now but he refuses to leave my bedside. I am hoping that him getting out and getting some fresh air will help rejuvenize him as well.
My doctor and the two doctors that have been working with him and my situation think it will be best for me to stay another night. We may be able to convince them to let me go this evening, but the way our luck has been so far, I am not investing too much in that right now! We are planning on being here tonight and praying that tomorrow we can go home. My BP is up and down, which is what I think causes them the most alarm. It will drop really low, and then spike back up again. While it has decreased since going on the BP medicine, I think they would feel better if it would just stay low, or stay high. At least they would know how to handle that. It's weird because it will be low one night when I am sleeping, and the high the next when I am doing the same thing. My body is just all out of whack!
My appetite is good, and I just finished my lunch so I think I am going to turn out my lights and relax and let the medicine hopefully get some relief from my headache.
On a different note, we found out today that my mom definitely has another kidney stone. She went this morning for a scan and there's one in there! They are going to try and let her pass it, so let's hope that she continues to feel okay and that her pain is not too intense. These can be so very painful for her and she doesn't do well being laid up in a bed! Please add her to the prayer list as well!
We again, cannot thank you enough for all of your continued prayers and support. We will update soon!

Love, Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

A Message from Hambone

Raymond here. I thought I'd give this whole Blog thing a try as I try to pass the time by. We are still at the hospital hoping to leave in the morning. I know Charlotte is ready to get home to get in our bed at least for a couple of nights. These past few days have been hard on us, especially since Georgia is our first so we are not use to this. I understand that preeclampsia is fairly common especially in first time pregnancies but it is scary when it actually happens to you. Our doctors and nurses have been very good to us. They have all been so nice and comforting to us. Right now we are just trying to get to 34 weeks. Ideally we would like to get to 37 weeks but we will reevaluate everything at 34 weeks. Charlotte is sleeping right now and I'm taking comfort listening to Georgia's heartbeat. Hearing her heartbeat 24/7 since Tuesday afternoon has really helped me through all this.
Working constantly while I've been here has really kept my mind occupied as I am now able to connect to my work computer through my laptop.
We decided to give the cafeteria a shot for dinner on Wednesday night, and they failed miserably. So I went on mission "Wendy's" to get Charlotte a hamburger and frosty. At least on Wednesday she didn't wait until 1 in the morning to send me running for some food like Tuesday night.
That is all for now. I'm sure Charlotte will update this tomorrow HOPEFULLY from our house. Love to you all.


Raymond, Charlotte, Georgia, and Tellie