Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear Santa.....

I mean....what the HECK do you ask Santa for a 2 year old?? Of course, we're OBSESSED with Barbie and all things PINK....(I know all of my friends are laughing right now).....but Georgia gets 1 big item from us, and from each set of grandparent....and they end up "filling in" with a ton of goodies, but we hope to instill in her that she will need to ask and choose wisely - that she will not have an abundance of gifts...these are certainly luxuries!!
The first being a Leap Pad....if anyone has any advice on which one I should get, I am ALL ears...I can't figure out which one she should get

And we are OBSESSED with Barbie! She has all of my old Barbies so now Barbie might get a car for Christmas!!

This is another Leap Pad...anyone had any experience with this????

I want her to have a dollhouse SO bad....this one doesn't have TOO many parts and I think she can play with the part

And the BIG one! Here is the tricycle that we're gonna get got great reviews and I think she will love it...

With a 2 year old it's so hard becuase they are becoming independent but still not there, yet....if you have ANY suggestions for a 2 1/2 year old, just let me know!!!

What the Poop?!?!?!?!?

So this post title really has more than one meaning......for the past two months, I have not been able to blog...I would go to try and create a post, and if it even let me create one, it would not a) what the poop is really just a nice way of me cussing out blogger....and b) it LITERALLY means What are you doing with YOUR poop?!?!? And by poop, I mean your dog droppings!!! My best friend Joe who lives in Chicago works for this amazing company called Poop
After I stopped my complete hysterical laughing episode that this was the ACTUAL name of the company, I took a peek at the website...and I have to say, I am impressed. I think that I am even more appreciative of them because when I was pregnant someone gave me diaper bags to carry around that were scented and biodegradable to put Georgia's diapers in if I was in a public place. I thought it was nuts and "hey, what's wrong with a grocery bag?"...but let me tell you honey, those suckers have come in handy. How awkward is it to hand over a nasty diaper to put in someones trash can (even if it's their herby curby) and it stinks up the whole thing....but those little scented diaper bags totally disguise the diaper's atrocius smell....and my guests (I think) are all the more appreciative of the fact that I'm at least trying to disguise it for them....
So....for all of you out there that are considerate of your neighbors, and who don't want to step in it in their own yards...these Poop Bags are amazing...they are biodegradable so they are Earth friendly, and so convenient and actually and very surprisingly, very affordable. I quit getting plastic bags at the market last year and now all I use are my reusable these are perfect since I'm not a plastic bag hoarder (not that there's anything wrong with that!!)
You can buy them in all different quantities (AND sizes!!! For your "tote" dogs all the way up to your massive horse of a dog like my mama's lab!), and they even have a sample pack that you can buy if you're hesitant. However, I can guarantee you that after you have purchased that sample pack, you will have wished you had just taken the plunge and bought a bigger supply. My dog is a once a dayer (yes, I just blogged about my dog's "routine") so I can get away with one bag a day, as I think most people could.
....BUT what shockingly stole my heart on the website was the other items they had for sale....
Here are the poop bags!!! How cute!!!!!! And how awesome of you to pick up after your dog whether it's at the dog park, or walking down the sidewalk....let's go GREEN people!!!
You're Poop Bag holder!!! How precious!!!!
My 3rd favorite thing on the website! A light for your dog!! How ingenious!!!!!! Now that it's getting dark so early, this is PERFECT to make sure you can see your way, but more importantly, that oncoming traffic can see YOU! is where I became #obsessed....the collars and the leashes are made from recycled bicycle COOL is that?!?!?!?!?!?!

And I know what a certain furbaby is getting from Santa this year!!! My #1 pick of the site (beside of the bags, duh) She doesn't like the really thick and fluffy dog beds you see everywhere so this one is PERFECT! Poor thing...right now, her bed is an old quilted down comforter that's really thin so we just fold it up and she loves it...this is definitely her style!!!! I can't wait for her to try it out!!! Don't think I can get it monogrammed, but for Earth friendly, sometimes you have to sacrifice style (hello Tom' post to come later)
And for you feline lovers that are feeling left out, they have cat treats as well. Obviously, their site is geared towards the canine crazies, but they have some neat stuff for those searching for the puurrrfect treat (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist).
So if you're anything like me, then you will see why these products are so awesome!!! I am a sucker for anything that give back in any the the needy....if the company is service a bigger purpose, then I am all yours!!!
So go check out today!!!!!
It's good to be back blog babies!!!!!
Insomnia has totally kicked in...maybe it's that I can finally blog again, maybe it's that I'm headed to cheer on my (CITADEL, the one and ONLY) Bulldogs tomorrow, or the amount of coffee I've consumed this week to get me through my 60 hours of work that's finally hitting me...but I've got some more blogs coming your way!!
Thank you to all who have reached out wondering where I am...I love you (mostly you Aunt Gail!!!) but hopefully this anti-techie has solved her problems after going back and forth with the google admins....