Friday, August 6, 2010

NO H8 and a little bit of DC drama mamas.....

So we are introduced to the Housewives of DC.......I have to say that I do think I am going to enjoy this season. I think they all have peaked my interest at this point. Michaele- still haven't figured out the correct pronunciation of her name but I do love her smoker's voice
Stacie- I like this chick...she's going places....despite her thinking that Cat is mildly racist because she doesn't care for Tyra (seriously, who does?!?!?!) or Obama's policies (so she's not allowed to have an opinion?...I'll save this for later.) Let's not confuse delivery with validity of content people.
Cat- I do like her...she's British. She speaks her mind. And I just love her accent.
Mary- oh Mary Mary Mary.....she's going to be many scenes in the first episode alone have we seen her teetering on tipsy?? But I gotta hand it to her, I think I would be a borderline functioning alcoholic if I had 5 kids. And her husband is precious.
Lynda- does anyone else think she has a striking resemblance to Susan Lucci?!?! I do like her boyfriend though! He's got spunk!!
I am going to save my opinions for the next show to see if my mind changes...I do think this season is going to be just what we've been waiting for!!

And on to more important things..........
'nuff said....

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! We are laying low and taking the Bug to pick blueberries! I cannot wait! It's also time to renew our cell phone plans....bleh...I hate dealing with cell phone companies, they're all just a bunch of highway robbers. I plan on catching up on some much needed sleep and cuddling time with my favorite little girl!


  1. I am interested in this season...
    NoH8 agreed.

  2. Oh my gosh I missed the premier last night, ahh! Cannot wait until it replays so I can catch up! Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. I can't agree with your RHDC comments more! I've started working on a post about it for next week already... I think it's going to be an interesting season!

  4. Is that Dina and Lexie?? WOW! DC girls.. Stacie ugh! I think she may be a tad racist instead of Cat!! I LOVE Drunk Mary!!

  5. No H8! Woot! I still have it waiting for me on Tivo. It was a long week. But I'm stoked none the less!

  6. I like the premier episode too. I love DC so it should be interesting!

  7. Okay totally recognize Dina, but is that her daughter? I am going to love DC housewives! I'm such a sucker for reality tv! And on to more important things, your post today---such an important one. I am so glad you were able to recommend more reading. I hope you'll keep us posted on how this new journey with you and your husband goes. And you are an inspiration for me, I want to join a small group at church with the hubs soon too!


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