Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear Santa.....

I mean....what the HECK do you ask Santa for a 2 year old?? Of course, we're OBSESSED with Barbie and all things PINK....(I know all of my friends are laughing right now).....but Georgia gets 1 big item from us, and from each set of grandparent....and they end up "filling in" with a ton of goodies, but we hope to instill in her that she will need to ask and choose wisely - that she will not have an abundance of gifts...these are certainly luxuries!!
The first being a Leap Pad....if anyone has any advice on which one I should get, I am ALL ears...I can't figure out which one she should get

And we are OBSESSED with Barbie! She has all of my old Barbies so now Barbie might get a car for Christmas!!

This is another Leap Pad...anyone had any experience with this????

I want her to have a dollhouse SO bad....this one doesn't have TOO many parts and I think she can play with the part

And the BIG one! Here is the tricycle that we're gonna get got great reviews and I think she will love it...

With a 2 year old it's so hard becuase they are becoming independent but still not there, yet....if you have ANY suggestions for a 2 1/2 year old, just let me know!!!

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