Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favorite Products Right Now

This is THE magic potion!!! The Isotonix OPC3 Beauty Blend is an amazing supplement that you take each morning. It contains a multitude of potent free scavengers, a variety of vitamins including everything a woman needs for everything from osteoporosis to her hair, skin, face and nails!
I am a BIG believer in Probiotics and even have Georgia on one that she takes every day. This one is gentle on your stomach and I swear it is the reason I have not come down with any sicknesses or ailments in a looooooooooong time! I also recommend an infant/toddler probiotic, especially if you have a sickly child, or one prone to frequent illnesses. Even with Georgia going to daycare, she doesn't have the "day care sniffles" and has been so healthy and bounced back quickly from any potential oncoming colds! I will do another post about the one that I have her on....

LATISSE WHAT?!?!?! So Latisse is not covered under insurance and will run you about $100 for a month's supply. Since I was not blessed with healthy, lush lashes, This FIXX lash extend has become my best friend. For $24.95, you CANNOT beat it! I use it every night across my eyelid and I am seeing amazing results from it (and no, no darkening of my eyelid has resulted like they warn in the Latisse commercial)

This is currently the skin regime that I am using. It is AWESOME for people with sensitive skin or issues such as eczema (ahem, yours truly) or rosacea or any other allergies. It's soothing, calm, based on aromatherapy so it smells amazing and my skin feels the best and looks the best (also gotta give props to the OPC3 Beauty Blend up top for that one) that is has in years! And the price is SO reasonable. The entire kit is only 99.95 for all of this.....I've had mine for several weeks and have barely put a dent into it.

This a face lift in a jar....and I can personally attest to you that it will give you that amazing, fresh from the derm's office look! I use this in combination with the Skintelligence as I ease into the whole AntiAging routine...I am fighting it. But it's here! So I am taking babysteps!

Cream best friend! I never leave the house without this or......

my Eye Base!! This will neutralize your palette and allow the vibrant colors to reveal themselves in your eyeshadow. On days I am feeling less than glam, I will wear just concealer, the eye base and my powder...swipe on some mascara and lip gloss and you're good to go!

This liquid mineral foundation is good for someone who likes a full coverage feeling. I have to feel like I am "covered up" but it won't leave you looking caked or New Jersey baked. Motives also has a different Ageless Renewal Foundation that is a little lighter and little more luminous if you rather that look and if so, email me and I will help you with that one. But this stuff is awesome!

Dual Perfection Powder Compact! The best thing I love about this...when I don't want to wear foundation...all I do is spritz a little water on my face and then apply my powder and it will give me a little bit heavier look! Great tip ladies!

Bronzer in Miami Glow....this will be my Winter STAPLE item Blush compact in So me such a warm glow! I love it!

And to top it all off...the Lip Booster (think Angie's lips) in Riot....lush.

For all of these products and SO much more...go HERE!!!

love you girls!


  1. Love this post I have been longing for the latisse. My fear is lopsided.g my eyelashes if I stop using it. This may sound silly but my art teacher had NO eyelashes because she get extensions. What do you think. I also need the face lift!

  2. Thanks for this post! I cannot wait to try the products!


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