Monday, September 19, 2011

Willow House Love

Recently I hosted a Willow House party for my sweet friend Callie and it was a great success! I love their items and I was able to score some really really great things for myself....I could have kept going but thankfully (for my husband's sake!) we are in the process of redoing our kitchen (no, tweet peeps we are STILL NOT DONE) and so ordering things from my party rewards were mainly geared towards my kitchen...but I did not want to order too many things since I am still sitting on my central piece/focal point/main design jumping off....which, I may have found this weekend, but that's another story.

So here are my steals! And I say steals because with my hostess rewards they were LITERALLY steals!

Simone Old Fashioned

When we got married, I was just never in LOVE with our glasses....they were perfectly fine, but if I recall it was one of those things that Raymond just loved, and it was a battle I cared little over fighting. They are nice glasses, but these jumped right out at me...the scrolls on the glasses seem to flow nicely with my everyday china and when they came in, I knew I made the right decision....thank goodness Junior League Clean Sweep is around the corner and my old glasses helped check off a chunk of my quota!

Simone Highball

I had to get the highballs to complete the set of course! So this has replaced my original set of glasses....there was a little tear that I was giving something away that was from our registry, but these glasses dried those tears right up! In the 3 years we've been married, we've replaced other things, including adding/changing my everyday china from the ones we originally registered for, so this is one of the least sentimental things I've updated!

Lady Jane Bottleneck Vase

Right now I have this in my kitchen....and I am just trying to test it out to see if it works...there are a few other places in my house I can easily fit it into, and it was just too good too pass up...Callie said she puts her wine corks in it! Brill! Regardless of where this beauty ends up, I will treasure's even more gorgeous in person.

French Wire Convertible Baskets

We have a SERIOUS mail problem in our house....I have finally broken my husband of throwing it on the dining room table....only for it now to land on my kitchen counter. With a new kitchen comes a new sheriff in town and I am going on Operation: Mail Crackdown. (SERIOUSLY, there is no need to keep all the junk circulars! Just throw them away before even making it inside!!) I am hoping that one of these will fit underneath my chalkboard to collect the mail...if all else fails, I may be getting more gourmet as the picture encourages and storing fresh produce in just seems way too sophisticated for we will see! I will surely post pictures.

Thank you Callie for all of your help! You were so sweet and I sincerely hope the show was a success for you. I HIGHLY recommend any of you throw one of these....especially now that the Holiday's are approaching!!!!

I know that I am off to a major D+ (on a good day) to getting back into blogging, but I do have a few posts lined up so I will make sure that I check back in more often....


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  1. I love those wire baskets and the idea of putting fruit in them! I too do not like the mail on the counter so the hubby bought some hanging slit thing. I know. real descriptive - that is the technical term. :). Can't wait to see the kitchen.


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