Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beach Babies

We are back from the beach!!!!! It would literally take me DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS to upload all of the pictures from the week so I will just do some over several are a few that I liked and just looking at them makes me want to be back there again!!! We were on Sullivan's Island and you just cannot ask for anything better. As soon as you drive over the Ben Sawyer bridge onto the island, you can just suddenly feel your spirits lighten. Our week was full of sunshine, mild weather (which, if you live in SC in August is HUGE), family and friends, a little (ha!) partying, and lots of relaxation. It's the time of year Raymond and I look forward to most and Station 9 is such a special place to us. This is also the place where Raymond proposed to me at, so it will forever hold a very near and dear place to my heart. From the picture above is the Charleston skyline...such an amazing view. From our perch, we can see all the ships that come into the harbor- it is so wonderful to sit on the porch and just rock and swing and see all of the massive boats coming in. The bug did WONDERFUL in the water! You can't really tell by her expression, because she always has that famous pouty look on her face, but she was so calm. Whenever she got fussy or upset, we would just take her outside and she would immediately calm down. Must have been that salt air. We indulged in lots of food and drink and even a little game of Loaded Questions.....if you have never played this game, RUN don't walk and get it! It makes for the best icebreaker with a crowd. Only, if you are playing with my husband, watch out, you might wanna close your ears! It's kind of hard to see but in the picture below to my right above my shoulder is Ft. Sumter for those of you history buffs.....
This was my bestie (SIL) Keys and myself during our Friday night dance party...let's just say there was lots of Motown, shagging, and midnight times!!!!!....
I'll keep the pictures coming!!! Hope you all had a fabulous week! I'm off to catch us up on laundry!!!!


  1. Love the new header. Did you get a haircut? Love it! Glad y'all had fun!!

  2. cute the hair!
    btw...have you ever seen the movie Shag?

  3. Looking fabulous girlfriend :) Love the last pic of you, your hair looks great! PS see that movie!! It's my FAVORITE of all time

  4. I know! It's the best! Definitely a staple in a Southern girl's movie library!!!


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