Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quest for Quesadillas

Lately, I have been crrraaaving quesadillas. No, I'm not pregnant. Please don't jinx me! I guess it's a running joke with my friends that since I got pregnant so easily and so soon after I got married (like, a month- yes, seriously), now when I don't feel good or I am craving something, that's the first thing they ask. TRUST me. That will not be happening for a while. I would like to just sit back and enjoy this step in my life. We're not bringing on any nervous breakdowns anytime soon!!! I digress....
So I have been searching for a WW friendly quesadilla recipe and I stumbled across this website HOLY COW!!!!! This is the absolute greatest website! Even if you're not on WW, she has some great recipes and tips and information for anyone who enjoys eating healthy without feeling like you are eating diet food. I am obsessed with this site and I suggest all of you to run and visit it. The nice thing is she breaks down the points per serving for you. The only downside is her recipes aren't categorized because they're sent out in newsletter form. So you just have to search the site for the specific recipe you need. A small task for what you get in return if you ask me. She has awesome dessert recipes and some great ideas for substitutions. I have found my pumpkin pie recipe that I am going to use for the holidays! I did happen to find a quesadilla recipe and we made it last night and they were absolutely fabulous. A little time intensive, but as I have found, eating healthier is just that. It takes a little longer, but so worth it in the long run.
Which reminds me, I forgot to update our weigh in this ready????
4.6 pounds!! That's right!! My biggest loss for a week thus far! We totally overindulged at the beach (which, is there any other way??) so this made me feel better about getting back on track. This week, we have been really diligent and this weekend we are going to cook and stay on track. Our "it's the weekend, we'll make up for it later" excuse is over!! I know it will be easier once I go back to work as well because I won't have idle time to munch all day. Does anyone else do that? I am horrible about that. Not anymore! Life changes are on their way!!!
Raymond has been a saint in helping me stay on track. I am totally that girl that loses a little bit and then settles back into my old ways but he's so encouraging and positive. For those of you that have ever struggled with weight, you know what a blessing that is to have. When I was growing up and would "get right" my mama would always be so supportive but never over obsessive about what I was doing or how much weight I was losing. Or especially not ever push me to lose weight, or tell me I needed to lose weight. She has always just motivated me to be healthy- that was her focus. Not skinny. Big difference for a woman who is destined to always be on the curvier side. I am so thankful for this, as it never caused me to develop any sort of negative view of myself or obsess about weight. I have in recent years, embraced my womanly shape and just strive to be healthy so that I can run and be active with my children and be around to watch them grow up.
That said, I appreciate all of your encouragement out there! I think it's so important that we as woman rise together and support each other. If anyone, we know better about the perils of what we go through, so who better than to be your biggest campaigner?!?!? Thanks for all of your friendships and kind words!


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  1. I got pregnant 3 months after we got we were obviously on the same baby plan...haha!


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