Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slacker Status

So I have officially entered into the status of blog slacker!!!! It makes me so mad because I lose all track of time and realize it's been a week in between posts!! I miss all of my blogging babes!!! To make up for it I am posting some pictures of the last few days!!! Here's my sweet baby in her daddy's arms.....she looks like she's got something she's cooking up her sleeve!!!!
Before Church in her CITADEL blue smocked dress from Aunt Gail!!!! It looks so beautiful on her!!!
Enjoying Mexican!! OLE!!!!!
One too many margaritas for Georgia.......

The waitstaff really took to her!!! I guess they know a good thing when they see one!!!
Ahhhhhh.....last but not least, my dear baby daddy mowing our grass......yes we live in the "country" But that's a WHOLE 'nother day and a whole 'nother post. You can't take the city out of this girl!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was so relaxing! It was so nice to have some uninterrupted time with my three favorite people (yes, I consider Tellie a person). The game on Friday night was so fun and the Wildcats really brought it!!! The precious color guard girls LOVED Georgia and were all googly eyed over it. I think I have officially transpired into an "old woman" and this suddenly occurred to me when the cute "little" high schoolers (who all had their bodies painted BTW) were saying "Ya'll! Move out of the way! Lady with a baby coming through!!" And when I said thank you, they replied "Yes ma'am".......hmmm....ma'am???.....yes ma'am I heard him right. It was priceless. At least they had respect and called me ma'am. Their mamas would be proud.
On Sunday at Church during the offering they showed a video of a recent mission trip to Haiti. It made my heart swell- and my eyes as well with tears- and made me miss my days of mission work so terribly much. These children and women in this video were so incredibly happy with absolutely nothing. I seemingly forgot about all of my trivial problems and found myself begging for God to intervene and calm my troubles. In middle and high school we went on so many mission trips and I have such proud and fond memories of those times. It was such a peaceful time in my life....it really lit a fire in my heart and even though I can't be ripping off to Haiti any time soon, it has inspired me to become a more faithful servant in my daily walk with Christ. I think that's a struggle that most people have and I hope that through our Bible small group and fellowship that this struggle will slowly dissipate. First step this week, I am going to attempt to be more diligent with my prayers- we all have so much to be grateful for....
Hope this week is off to a wonderful start for all of you!!!


  1. God bless manners. If my first graders learn nothing at all this year, at least they will have yes ma'am down pat!

  2. Love this post! I so know about a week blowing by and not posting. I just adore your family!!! Many Blessing!!
    xxxx me


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