Thursday, September 17, 2009

We made it a year!!

So this weekend is our one year anniversary!! We made it a WHOLE year! HA! And for those of you doing the math....yes, Georgia was a honeymoon baby ; ) We are headed to Charleston and are looking forward to a glorious weekend. While down there we are double dutying it and going to one of Raymond's friends wedding. I am so excited because it is at The Summerall Chapel on The Citadel campus (the hub's Alma Mater) and it is just so beautiful.....I will have lots of pictures! I will also celebrate our anniversary with posting some pictures of our wedding highlights....GET EXCITED!!!!! I couldn't bid adieu without posting some pictures of the Bug...there are quite a few but I realized I hadn't put any on here in a sit back and enjoy.....she's growing like a weed and pulling in at a whopping 14 lbs ; ) She has the most contagious little smile. I didn't know warmth in your heart existed like this until I met her......
She acts so confused....she should KNOW better by now as to what to do when Mama whips out the camera!!
Nice Bug, I like the tummy hanging over the diaper......
It's amazing how at such a young age, she already has several different smiles.....
My favorite...dipping into the Mojitos......
Looking at yours truly....of course.....
hmm...lemme think about this......

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! Stay tuned for wedding highlights and another GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy anniversary, have a fabulous trip! Those pictures are precious...

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I am so happy for you!!!

    Yor baby is so precious...she has the most beautiful smile!!! I am such a sucker for precious baby pictures...they just make me happy!!! Thanks for sharing yours!!!


  3. aww so cute...have a great time in Charleston! I've always wanted to go. Love the 3rd pic & the look she's giving in the last one! haha

  4. Congrats on your 1 yr!! I love the pics especially the one of Georgia in the elephant outfit with the rolls on her legs! Love it!

  5. Congrats! Georgia is getting cuter by the minute!

  6. I love the new pictures of the bug!!! SHe is getting so BIG!!!


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