Thursday, December 31, 2009

Custom Dog Collars

So my best friend Liz turned me onto this website where you can custom create your own dog collars!!! I know so many of you talk about your own furbabies on your blogs so I know that many of you will go gaga over these $20.00 goodies!!!! You pick which style you want, then you pick what color nylon collar you want for your background.....
Then you pick something to go on top of that.....they have all kinds of different types of ribbon that go on there! These are just a few...........

I just ordered Tellie a special circee (sp??) since she's been having a hard time adjusting to Bug lately......I can't wait to put it on her!!!!


  1. I was just thinking about a new collar for the furbaby! Great timing!

  2. So cute!

    You have an award on my bog, by the way! :)

  3. So cute. Thanks for sharing. I am in need of matching collars for my beasts!

  4. Love the collars. We had a pet store...we LOVED it. We did adoption and rescue and found so many pets homes and we sold great collars like that. Sadly, we had to close in April because of this lovely economy, but it brought a smile to my face to see them again on your blog!

    Happy New Year! Hope it is a great one. I am a new follower. Pop on by and follow back if you would like!

  5. Just stumbled on your blog... and know that we have at least one thing in common (not to mention lots of other things based on your "about me"): Eliza B! All I wear in the summer are her flip flops. They are fabulous...

    Have a wonderful new year with your precious family. (And check out my blog too!)

  6. OH! And I was in the JLC for 15 years before I moved to Aiken. Have fun!


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