Friday, December 18, 2009

Fontaine Maury

I am SOOOOOOO excited to announce that I will now be selling Fontaine Maury. A good friend of mine is closing the doors to her precious stationary and fine gifts store (tear) BUT a silver lining is that I have purchased the rights to retail this exceptional life of personalized goodies!!! Online, you will only be able to view a sampling of their orders available, but they also carry stationary, Christmas cards, stamps, luggage tags, placemats, paperweights, you name it! If you're in the area, I will be doing home shows and parties but will also take orders online as well. Just get in touch with me! This is the plate that I just ordered for's so adorable!
These little plates are a perfect way to make your little one feel special at mealtime!!

Ladies, how cute are these while you're working out?!?!?!

A perfect way to personalize your darling's bag!

Are you a socialite hostess with the mostest?? Here's a perfect way to display your talents!!
happy shopping!


  1. OMGoodness...I just saw an ad for this (Southern Living maybe?) and was planning on purchasing a few gifts for birthdays next year. Perfect timing!

  2. Ahhmazing... love it all and want to buy it all :) Good for you! Love the Christmas pics she is adorable!


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