Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have a romance with Seda France

So my new favorite website has Seda France candles on sale!!! They're only $16 for the normally $32 candles. I love Seda France candles and I got turned on to them when this store in Columbia (posh) used to carry them...they've since gone out of business (sad) so I've resorted to ordering them online- I have tried several scents through trial and error but none have disappointed. I have learned that with expensive candles, you only need one or two and it will fill up your entire home.....which my husband is thankful for These are the boxed candles that are on sale over at OKL
My new favorite Raspberry Pomegranate (I also love the Crimson Amaryllis)

But when I stumbled across THESE in Non(e) Such here in town....I was IN LOVE........
elizabethW makes some of the most fantastic smelling goodies including sweet tea, magnolia, lavender, and citrus vervain...

My last favorite candle is the Tyler candle in Mediterranean Fig....OMG this is the best candle!

My favorite stationary store here also carries the Paddywax candles as well and we got the Freesia scent for an engagement gift and we saved it and took it on our honeymoon and used it to bring a little bit of the South to Jamaica.....
What's your favorite Candle/Scent?????

xoxo, C


  1. Those are such wonderful candles. One of the stores on Main street in my town always has one lit right by the door when you walk in. I just can't justify paying full price for one. Might have to check the sale out! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. I love Tyler candles! Our store High Cotton sells them and they are wonderful!

  3. Ahhh...Seda France, I passed them in the store the other day but refrained. It seems the new mom in me couldn't splurge thinking she should save it for something else but I.LOVE.THEM. The best!


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