Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Figuring out this whole thing....

So, with impending parenthood right on our heels, I decided to take the plunge and START A BLOG!!!! It seems the appropriate next step in the world of Posh Parenting. So first I had to come up with a name for our "homepage." I wanted something cute but not ridiculous and then I had a flashback to the show Double Dare from my childhood. All of the families on there would come up with catchy names using oh so wonderful alliteration.....and so The Happy Hamilton's was created.
It only seems fitting though, as Raymond and I are truely on Cloud 9 right now. We were just settling in to our adventure as newlyweds when we got the news of a lifetime. So, even though our little BOJ (bundle of joy) came a little sooner than we expected, we can hardly stand it.
At this point, I am 17 weeks pregnant and trucking right along!! I feel great and my exhaustion from my first trimester is pretty much over. Although, these past few days I've been a little sluggish. My hormones are starting to flare up a little (poor Raymond) and I have tried to keep them in check, but sometimes it's not that easy. But, I managed to make it through my first trimester without any sickness, so I can only pray that the rest of my journey will be as smooth.
I cannot ask for a better partner throughout all of this- Raymond is so patient and kind and it only reaffirms all of the reasons I knew I married him for! Who else has a husband that cooks dinner every night?!?! I will soon figure out how to put pictures/videos and all that jazz on here and I will keep you updated on Baby H's growth. We return to Dr. Wild on Monday (MLK day) for a routine checkup. My nerves that usually arrive before each appointment are slowly dwindling as I get further into the pregnancy. We are so appreciative of all of the prayers and thoughts and support!!

Love, Charlotte, Raymond and Baby H


  1. Charlotte and Raymond,
    We love, love, love the blog. What a wonderful way to keep all the families and friends up to date on your latest developements. The Happy Hamilton is oh, so, wonderful. We'll anticipate each new entry. Milton and I are the Happy Hamiltons too! Love, Peg

  2. You're just adorable with your little blog!!! I can't wait to meet the little Hamilton and watch him "earn it"!!!


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