Thursday, January 22, 2009

Praise to you all

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all who are reading this for all of your kind words. I get emails and texts every day saying that you are following this and that makes me so happy! So far, we have only had positive and happy news to share about our BOJ and this has been a wonderful outlet. But I have also seen some of the families on here who I feel have truly benefited from this as a tool for venting all of their frustrations and obstacles that they are facing. I know that the trials and tribulations of parenthood (and impending parenthood) can be daunting and sometimes just knowing that you have a portal to relieve all of your stress through words is a very comforting thought. Hopefully our days of gloom will be few and far between, but knowing there's a praying heart at the other end of the keyboard is an alleviating notion. Thank you so much for caring and I hope and pray that we continue to have nothing but the best to deliver to you all.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend-

Many hugs and kisses,

The Happy Hamiltons

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  1. I sent you a request to start reading my blog! I'm loving yours! and this is so true.. it's a great outlet and it's amazing to see the actual true friends you can meet on here!


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