Thursday, February 19, 2009

Future Rockette

Hello all!

Well last night while sitting at church Georgia started to make her appearance known. She has really started to move around. She wants to make sure we know what's going on in there! Before, her movements just felt like my equilibrium was shaken a bit or it was a quick wave of nausea. But, I can really feel her stretching out now. I think that we have a potential NYC Rockette on our hands!! That would sure make me one proud mama!!! Raymond would probably be more statisfied if she were a kicker for the ACC- but I don't think that there are currently any teams that have pink uniforms. I feel her most when I am laying on my stomach, I guess mainly because she is pressed up to me. Last night I could even feel a thumping which I could only assume to be her heart beat down below my belly button. So strange!

Raymond and I cooked dinner the other night and made these delicious burgers so I thought I would share the recipe with all of you!

Chicken and Feta Burgers
16 oz ground chicken
4 oz crumbled Feta cheese
handful of chopped roasted red peppers (to your liking)
1 tbs of minced garlic
1/2 tbs of fresh thyme
salt and pepper to taste

We grilled them for like 5-7 minutes on each side and then I took the high road and added Dukes to my hamburger bun which I am sure added NO fat!!!

The recipe also said you could add a slice of provolone for some added flavor but we thought that these were just divine. They were even BETTER the next day!!!!

This weekend will be low-key for us which I am looking forward to. I am going to start going around and looking at some baby stuff in person and finalize my registry. I seriously had no idea there were so many different types of bottles, paci's, clothing, etc out there!!! It should be interesting!! Luckily I have will have my mom to the rescue! Raymond will be sitting this one out I am afraid as our registering for our wedding items went a little something like this:
C: Raymond, stop pointing that laser at my eye.
R: Charlotte, your eye won't scan. I don't know what's wrong with it.
C: Raymond, I'm warning you.
R: (still pointing the laser at me)
C: Raymond, go sit in the corner until I am done.
R: I have to go sit in Time Out again???

SO- as much fun as that was for me (!), I am doing this solo. I am also ordering the bedding this weekend so I am really excited about that! Raymond's duties will come when all of the stuff comes in and he is left to put it all together!!!! Plus, he is Head Daddy In Charge for the job of painting the nursery. So for all of you feeling sorry for him that he is getting left out, don't fret....he still has plenty left on his baby-do list.

Hope all of you are doing well and are as ready for the warm weather as we are!!!! Warm weather signifies Georgia's arrival!!! Get ready!!!

Love and kisses, The Happy Hamiltons


  1. I vote for Raymond staying home as well. Sounds like once was enough! and how exciting to feel her moving around so much. I can't imagine what that feels like. When is your due date??
    That recipe sounds delish. I'll definately be trying that one out! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am sooo glad that you could share that receipe...haha!!!

  3. Charlotte, I fell way behind in the blog reading. Just missed a few days - but several blogs. Really like the sound of the burger recipe. Will definitely try that one for Big Milton (or "Big" as Beth H. calls him now). Leen says I need to be "G-G" (for the two g's in Peggy). Go figure. Love to the four of you!


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