Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I have been MIA!!!! My computer at home crashed with a virus and then here at work I have been unable to "login" to my blogger account. It's so weird. It doesn't block me, it just doesn't do anything. SO- this one will probably be a long one just to catch everyone up on what has been going on in our lives!

Jump ropes, swings and teddy bears,
Pretty ribbons for her hair.
Giggles, hugs and love to share
Oh the joy a baby girl bears!

Our baby is a girl!! We are so excited! Not only did we find out what we were having, but we also were given an hour long ultrasound on every single organ in the baby's body and everything looks great! We feel so blessed and lucky to have had no issues thus far. The doctor says that he is so pleased at the progression of the baby and that we have been doing a good job! They were suprised to find that I had lost yet another five pounds when they weighed me, but she is looking like she is growing just fine so there's no need to worry! I guess I have just been eating a lot better and drinking more water than I give myself credit for!

Our baby girls name will be Georgia Cauthen Hamilton.
Georgia is from my side and Cauthen is from Raymond's side. We can't wait to meet our precious little peach!

I got very emotional last week when hearing on the news about all of the devastation in NY with the plane crash, the continuous layoffs, the tumultous housing market, and the cutbacks everyone is having to make. Raymond and I feel so blessed right now to have those that we love happy and healthy, and our little one so comfy and cozy inside my belly.

I have now been at my job for a little over a week and I am loving it! Everyone here is so nice and helpful and the system that is in place here has made my transition so smooth. I have taken on more responsiblity so the time is going by a little faster! I am adjusting to sitting behind a desk all day much better than I thought I would! I am really loving the stability and the comrodery that being in an office environment brings. I have noticed that I have been much happier and I am feeling much better, so I know that all of my heartache before was truly a direct result of the stress of my previous job. On with the new!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day up at the lodge with some of our friends. It was a weekend full of fellowship and good times. I took a very slow ride on the fourwheeler (I never went above 5mph) and we ate plenty of good food and sweets! Georgia was well satisfied when we came home on Sunday!

This week Raymond and I are beginning to put some touches on the nursery like picking out paint and what not. I am really excited to begin the process and I know that it will help make everything seem a little more concrete once I start transforming her new royal quarters!

Thank you all for your continued love and support throughout this time! I will continue to praise the Lord for his ever vigilant watch over us and for his constant guidance over you all!

Love, Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie


  1. Baby Georgia. I love it!
    You'll have to post some pics of the nursery once you have that started!


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