Monday, February 23, 2009

Pureed Gourmet

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Ours was uneventful/yet eventful all at the same time, if that's possible!
Friday we were low key and grilled out steaks at home- they were so good! I was so beat from the week that by about 8:00, I was ready to go to bed. Exciting times out here in Lexington!!!
It was good that I got my rest because Saturday Swoozie and I hit the ground running!! We started off the day at the mall looking at the new summer dresses. Saw a few, but nothing that wowed me over. So, I pacified myself at Williams-Sonoma where I bought a Beaba BabyCooker. GREATEST THING EVER!!!! It is a steamer/purifier/masher/etc all rolled into one! A friend of mine said that she made all of her own baby food and I thought she was crazy! But when she explained how to use the machine, I was like, even I can do that!!! I know that it will be a a while before Baby G will be able to utilize this, but once she does, I know she will love all of her pureed gourmet!! Once you make all of the food, you can store and freeze it in these little trays and they are each individual servings so you just pop out a serving then pop it in the babycooker and voile!! Supper!! Plus, I vow to broaden my child's taste buds....I love veggies and I want my kids to as well. Raymond was a picky eater growing up (you wouldn't know it now!!!) but hopefully we will be able to expose them to some yummy tasting goodness from an early age on!!
After W-S we hit Babies R Us. I have only actually been in this store once before, and MAN I was in heaven!!!! All of the clothing was on sale so I went ahead and bought Georgia some adorable outfits for her to wear this time next year. I just couldn't resist some of the adorable sets! I finished my registry and I was completely flat out whipped after that! Who knew that just simply registering for things could be so difficult!!!!
We then hit up TJ Maxx for some more goodies- I really went kind of crazy but I just couldn't resist all of the adorable stuff out there! I came home only to realize that I had absolutely no room to put any of this stuff up! Georgia's nursery is still a junk room! Yesterday I attempted to tackle it, but I just get frustrated. It just makes me realize what pack rats Raymond and I both are! I am working on it! Really- this is making me see that I have to change my ways or we will all be consumed by junk!! My goal is by the end of this week to have everything cleaned out of there! Even if it transposes from the nursery to the garage, so be it! That way, we can get in there and start cleaning and begin the paint sampling process.
Got a call from my friend Erin today and she passed her boards!!! She is now a licensed PTA!!! We are so proud of her and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!
To fill you in quickly, Raymond has been troubled for a while with his right ankle. It has always given him some grief, but has gotten especially worse in the past few months. He doesn't like for it to stand in his way of playing his weekly golf, racquetball, basketball, but lately it has. So, he went to the Moore Clinic last week and they ordered an MRI for him. He goes back tomorrow to have the results read so we will know what course of action needs to be taken at that point. The Dr. believes that there is some cartilage floating around in there, but the MRI should tell all. Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow and we will fill you all in as soon as we know something!

Until next time!

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
-Charles Swindoll

Love, Charlotte

p.s- Georgia has been putting her own input the whole time I have been typing! She is kicking up a storm today!! She must be getting excited at all the loot she knows she has waiting on her!!


  1. Raymond was a picky eater...seriously? Well, I think that you should test out the pureed food on Raymond first, just to make sure that Georgia is not in harms way!! I think Swoozie was on a another mission of her own with those boots on Saturday...trying to find Georgia a granddaddy?!?! I think so!!! Thank goodness you have finally put some goods on Georgia registry!! keep up the good work Baby Mama!!!

  2. I tried to comment on this the other day, but it wouldn't let me for some reason. It was a pretty long and thoughtful one too.
    The food gadget sounds amazing! Didn't know anything like that existed!
    I saw the cutest little baby shirt (the kind that snaps under their bottom) and I really should have bought it for you, but I didn't think of it until now. It's at Walmart. It's pink and says "does this diaper make my butt look fat" !!! Teeheee.. too cute!


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