Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just another night at the Hamilton's

Hello all!!!

Update on Raymond's ankle- he went back to the Dr for a followup on his MRI and the Dr said that there were some tears in his ligaments but none so severe that he thought surgery was necessary at this point. He is going to try physical therapy for a while and see how that goes. I don't care what course of action we take as long as Raymond finds some relief from all the pain (i.e. which translates fewer foot rubs given by his loving wife!)

On a lighter note, I thought I would share this picture that I posted at the top with you. To get the full effect, I will have to lay out the scenario for you all. The other night, I was trying to be proactive in cleaning out Georgia's nursery. We are trying to do a little bit each night so it's not sooo consuming. It's not working out too well! So, I told Raymond while I was fixing dinner, why didn't he go try and clean out some of the stuff. Well he gets sidetracked very easily, and before I knew it he had his Nascar headphones on listening to the radio and he was in the guest bedroom- NOT the nursery- rearranging his poker chips.....he had no idea that I was taking the picture which makes it that much better. This is why I love this man! He makes me laugh so hard and he is just so innocent....sometimes. I thought that if you know Raymond, you would really appreciate this! I hope our children have his lighthearted outlook on life!
Tonight I am going to see He's Just Not That Into You with Aunt Liz and I am really excited. I think everyone in the world has seen it but the two of us so we are having a girl's night! Plus I am really excited about gorging on movie popcorn. It's the only time that I ever eat popcorn so I make up for it. The hubs is going to play golf and let out some steam!

Last night we went to Ash Wednesday service and it was very nice. The message that I took away from church was a very insightful one brought to our attention by a fellow member. He said that he was so very grateful for the Lenton Season because it taught him more about himself than he ever knew. Mainly it taught him humility, how to suffer, compassion, and most importantly gratefulness in his walk with Christ. I thought that this was a very empowering message that he sent to us. The entire faith of Christianity is built around this time of year and I think too often because there are not lavish parties and gifts tied to it, that we forget the sanctity of the season. This year I am more so grateful than I have ever been. This time of year is so holy and pure and I guess now with impending parenthood, I am more aware of my surroundings and those things that I have been blessed with. One thing that I know I am giving up for Lent is selfishness and wastefulness. I hope to take away from these next 40 days a clearer perspective on what it is like to be truly giving and selfless all year long.

"You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once."

Love, The Happy Hamiltons

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  1. You need to stop lying in your blog because we all know that you are not giving Raymond foot rubs!!! You didn't finish telling in you blog about the other things you are giving up for lent...;)!! hahaha


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