Friday, February 20, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

First, I wanted to just share that I bought my first item for the baby. So far, I have been so good and I CANNOT believe that I have not purchased a single thing. 23 weeks I think is a pretty impressive record for holding out. Especially since I can barely go 23 minutes without looking at all of the adorable stuff online. But, I broke down and initiated the beginning of the end......Elizabeth (my nearest and dearest friend in the whole world, who at this point, is more kin than friend) informed me that there were Dr. Brown's starter kits at TJ Maxx, and although I have been on the fence to commit to a bottle before Georgia has the chance to express her opinion, I decided to seize the opportunity to get these outrageous bottles for a STEAL!!! So I went and bought a pack, then _______ (insert appropriate term for my mom) went and bought another one, and I have already called the other TJ Maxx's in the area and they have the rest on hold for me. So I think that we will be good on bottles!!! Everyone was telling me I was insane for buying all of these things, just to register for them- but I just couldn't pass up on this great deal!!
Georgia is starting to rack up!!! Liz has really turned me onto TJ Maxx, I am VERY anti-digging when it comes to buying things. I want it laid out for me all nice and neat. I don't care what kind of deal you can manage to find. BUT Last night she got a present from her favorite Aunt Liz- I wish I had a working camera (whole 'nother misphit) to take a picture...It is the MOST adorable Ralph Lauren pink dress with matching is the sweetest thing. She also got a little knit layette for Valentine's Day from ______ (insert appropriate term for Peggy here) my wonderful second mother- so cute- she is stylin and profilin from the womb!!! But we really couldn't expect anything less could we? Look at all the beautiful women she has around her!!!!
Please pardon the blanks....I think we are still working out the kinks about what everyone wants to be called- I am so excited for Georgia to have such wonderful GRANDparents, regaurdless of what they end up being called. This is going to be one lucky (and very loved) baby girl!!!!

As for the Sibling Rivalry title, my heart is breaking for our fur baby Tellie. This morning I woke up to her chewing on Georgia's initial reaction was to yell at her and then I started crying because I felt bad for yelling at her. In her mind, she wasn't doing anything wrong. The only stuffed animals that have ever been in the house, are hers- certainly not her mama or daddy's. I don't know how to convey to her the difference between Georgia's animals and hers- I never knew pet psychology would be so difficult. Ceasar I need you!!!!!! Being pregnant has made my love for Tellie grow that much stronger. And it has made me realize how much of her own personality that she has- she truly, I think will have a hard time adjusting to someone else getting all of the attention. But once all of that settles down, I know she will be so sweet and loving towards the baby. I just can't imagine what is going on inside her head right now as she is trying to wrap her brain around everything.

I am trying desperately to spiff up my blog but it's not working. And I am becoming very self conscious about it. I keep searching the blog world for different ways to change it, and despite how closely I follow the directions, the error sign pops up. I wanted to throw my keyboard out the window. Much to my dismay, I think my blog will have to stay like this for a while.

Lots going on with Formosa- for those of you that don't know, Liz and I own a clothing business. I am really excited because I think this Spring we have a lot of potential. We both love what we do and love helping other women. This is something that we are both passionate about and I hope and pray that all of our hard work will continue to pay off for us. We have a bunch of things in the works so please keep the good thoughts coming our way!!!! Liz is getting our website up and running so we are entering the 21st century!!

I think that that's enough information overload for now!!! Off to save the benefits world.......

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend- we sure will!!!!

Lots of love, The Hamilton Brood

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  1. Watch out...Look at Formosa getting some advertising!!! I am sure that whatever you bought for my perfect little neice this weekend is absolutly adorable and I cannot wait to see it all!! I can't wait to see what we find for her in Charlotte!!!Love you sista and keep up the good work on the blog;)!! I like what I see, you seem to be earning it!!! hahahaha


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