Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I realized today that I hadn't written in a few days. I guess that's good because not much has happened! G has been moving around a lot lately and it makes me feel so good just to know that she's in there! Everyone told me when I first found out that I was pregnant how wonderful it was and how amazing the whole experience is. I hate to be that cliche, but it truly is. I never in a million years imagined that I could feel so close to someone that I have never even met! I know now how a parent can love their child so incredibly much after carrying them so close to your heart for 9 months. Raymond and I were watching tv the other night and we both said at the same time how anxious we are to meet her. Anxious in a good way though. I will miss being pregnant (I'm sure Raymond won't) as I have truly enjoyed every (exhausting) second of being pregnant. I joked to Raymond the other day that I just might be willing to do this again! I feel so bad for him right now because I always jump when she makes a sudden movement or when I can feel her swishing around in there; but unfortunately he can't feel her quite yet. I just keep telling him to be patient but I know he so badly wants to experience the same things that I am. Although, I am sure that desire will change when the labor comes into play! At that point, I am sure he will be the furthest thing from jealous!
I went shopping with Aunt Liz this weekend in Charlotte and we had a blast! Although the weather was really crummy, it was the perfect excuse to be holed up in stores all day. Everyone was having insanely good sales. Georgia racked up! I bought her some adorable outfits for this summer including her first bathing suit! She will be styling and profiling on Sullivan's Island at 8 weeks old! That combined with her SunDome, she will make the perfect little bathing beauty! She also got plenty of dresses and onesies and even a few items from Liz that are adorable. This child will (sadly) probably not know the meaning on SIMPLICITY. I kept saying that I would keep it in check but it is so hard to do! I keep hoping that it will wear off but I am just not sure about it! This weekend I am going to go to my mom's and pull out all of my old clothes from when I was a baby. I have so many smocked items that my mom made for me and I can't wait to see G in them! I also can't wait to see what Swoozie will start smocking up next for her!
Raymond had his first PT appointment yesterday and the therapist said that his left ankle isn't much better than his right ankle. So he is now working on both of them to reduce any potential injury. Hopefully he will start to see some results within the first few sessions. He goes to the same therapist as my mom and so far my mom has nothing but great things to say about him! She seems to making really good progress so I continue to hope for nothing but the best for her.
We finalized our plans for our trip that we're taking in September. We, the Hamilton siblings, are taking Raymond's amazing aunt to St. Augustine for a much deserved getaway. She has treated all of her nieces and nephews to trips when they were younger and so it's now her turn to be spoiled! We found a great place on the beach, so although it will be my first planned trip away, I am already looking forward to lounging on the white sands! Talk about motivation for a post-baby body!!! I am really excited as we have never been there before and it will be a grand time I am sure.
I found out this week that a really close friend of the family has been disgnosed with a condition and they don't know how good it looks for her. She has children that are my age and is a wonderful person. Please keep them in your prayers as the doctors are trying to come up with a prognosis. It makes the blessings we have around us that much more concrete when we realize how not so permanent they really are.
Other than that, not much has changed. Raymond is still sporting the NASCAR headphones when he can, although I have hidden them in the midst of cleaning up : )
Hope you all stay bundled up and warm!

"And if it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only dream that mattered had come true. In this life, I was loved by you."
-Colin Raye

Love, Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

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