Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm here!!!! I'm here!!!!!

So I have been harassed this week about not updating my blog- SORRY!!! I have just not been in a blogging mood. Mainly I guess because there haven't been too many updates to report! I don't want to bore everyone with all the mundane details of the Hamilton habitat but here goes.....
This week we are trying to finish up the nursery. I have not posted pictures yet because the room is still a mess and I would like all of the painting paraphernalia to be out of the way so you can get the full effect. Hopefully this weekend everything will be done and I will have some pics for you soon!! I did pick up GiGi's crib yesterday and I am so excited to put it together! Or watch Raymond put it together if you will. Hopefully I will have her mattress in the next few days as well so most of her sleeping arrangements will be done. 4 weeks until her bedding and glider come in. 4 LONG weeks!! I am so ready for everything to get here! But I know that it will be worth the wait!!
We have decided on the Godparents of our precious beloved and both of them are super excited! Liz and Patrick will be her devoted Godparents and we truly feel so blessed to have two people who we know and trust will love GiGi as much as we do. I told Patrick he can't take it back the first time she spits up on him!!
We have many wonderful things to look forward to in the next few weeks, mainly Easter, and the wonderful celebration that it brings. I also have a baby shower and a shower for my dear friend Rebecca. So looking forward to April!! May will be even better with Patrick graduating from Clemson and Rebecca and Hampton getting married! Lots of joyous times ahead!! We have much to be thankful for this time of year.
On the pregnancy note, I experienced my first Braxton Hicks contraction the other day and all I have to say is GIVE ME DRUGS!! It literally brought me to my knees. I was by myself and I thought that this was probably a good thing as Raymond would have had me in the car and at Baptist before I could say mojito! It passed and I was on my way to work but it gave me a clear insight to the real thing and I know now, as if I didn't know before, that I will be taking my epidural cocktail a double please bartender. I had another one later that evening and of course Dad was all freaked out. I guess it's a good thing that my husband is more in tune with my pregnancy than I am. He is on board and ready to go when things get tough. Baby girl is moving around more and more every day and I love feeling all of her movements. Although at times they can be a tad painful when she is resting on my organs. Her main movements have been in my lower abdomen but I can tell that she has shifted because this morning I felt her up near my rib cage. I know that she will soon be needing some more room and I expect some growing pains as she is stretching out. We return to the doctor this coming week so I am excited for some updates on her! The days are narrowing until her arrival and I get more and more excited every minute!!
Thanks for bearing with me as I have been experiencing this blog drought!! I will promise to try and do better!! I hope you all have a wonderful and DRY weekend!

Baby hugs and kicks to you all!!!

"And I hope that deep inside of you, there's a sweet eternal song. And I hope the words are pretty and that you'll always sing along. I hope your friends are many and your laughter's always loud, to help you when you're lonely and pick you up when you're down. I hope your eyes shine bright, love, and learn to see the light. Take the time to listen and decide yourself what's wrong or right. Oh little baby girl, Sweet little baby girl."
-Will Hoge

Love, Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

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