Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm back! I'm back! I'm back!

So I know that it has been a long, excruciating month but I am back! I just haven't really been in the blogging mood. Our little budding family has been through quite a lot in the past month. Mainly I haven't blogged because there haven't been that many outstanding updates, so instead of constantly putting up discouraging posts, I just decided to not do it at all! There is enough bad news on the tv that I don't need to add to it with my little blog!
During one of our check ups about a month ago we diagnosed a blood pressure problem. It alarmed my doctor so he put me on semi bed rest. He wanted to allow me to work as long as possible (I begged him) so I promised to take it easy....well, we go back for weekly check ups and although my BP has stabilized, my doctor has still deemed me high risk. He is still alarmed and I am not out of the woods. Most women in my case are now at a much higher threat for developing preeclampsia so they are keeping me under close observation. Also, most women at this point, they don't allow to carry to the full 40 weeks. So little Miss G will more than likely be coming earlier than June 27. Which Raymond and I are more than okay with! During each weekly visit I have my blood tested to make sure all of my enzymes are where they should be and I'm not spilling proteins into my bladder. Basically, what this means for me and little Miss G is that we have to be very careful. I have to try and stay as stress free as possible and keep my feet up at all times- this is much harder than I ever thought possible. I have to prop them up on my hard drive at work! I can't venture too far mainly because should I start to feel bad- i.e. the excruciating headaches, dizziness, seeing stars- I need to be able to go home and get in bed.
My ankles and fingers swell so bad that I am pretty much unable to wear any of my rings and I have resorted to my JR's or my rainbows every day. Thank goodness for the warm weather so that I can wear loose dresses everyday!!!
This has been hard on our little family as up until now, I have been pretty much able to rip and run like I usually do. But now, I have to take ultra precaution in everything I do. It is so hard for me to accept that despite taking really good care of myself, this is out of my hands. Georgia's health is my number one priority and I know that I have officially entered motherhood since there isn't anything that I won't do to make sure she stays safe. I can handle a crunch in my social life if it means keeping her healthy and happy inside me! I know the days are numbered before she comes and once she enters this world, there is only so much that Raymond and I can do to protect her. So it's nice to know right now that she is safe and sound : ) We have turned all of our fears over to God and we are so thankful for all of the prayers. I know they have made a tremendous difference in how things are panning out for us.
On a lighter note, I did have my baby shower and Georgia and I got so many wonderful things! Raymond and I are so blessed that we have so many people who love us and who love our baby girl just as much as we do! I have such wonderful friends and I wanted to thank you all- Kristy, Callie, Erin, Blair, Aunt Liz and Aunt Keys for making my shower to incredibly wonderful. You all are so selfless and did so much to make me feel so special. Swoozie gave G her most important pieces of jewelry (well, until she gets her pearls that is) that consisted of my baby ring and bracelet, and then her very own baby ring and TWO new bracelets!! I think she's set!! My mama also gave me some of the smocked dresses that she made for me when I was a baby and I know they are going to look just as beautiful on Georgia. I was so overwhelmed at all of the goodies! I will post pictures soon of her overflowing closet and drawers! I am trying to hold off until the bedding and glider get here so that everything looks complete! We are so excited and are counting the days until she gets here. I promise that I will continue with the updates so that it's not another month before you know what's going on!
Hope you all are braving the heat as we are and bracing for a brutal summer! Only a few more weeks until the pool opens!!!
Hope this finds you all in good humor and health,

"She is my joy and heart's delight."
-Robert Wever

Love, the Hamilton's

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