Thursday, June 17, 2010


This week has just been one of those know the kind of day you have when you feel like all you have done is chase your tail???? Multiply that by 4 this week...and we still have one more to go! I leave the office with my head just trying to stay above water....and it's not even 4th quarter!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I look like every day at work............ Alas, I have determined not to be discouraged, as in 24 short hours, I will check out and be delighted with the company of these two favorites..........
And this chick.............
+ this...........
this week is looking up already : )
Off to Charleston lovies!!! Hope you all have a fabulous week! Will be back next week once my camera, sanity and full nights of sleep return..........


  1. That pic of the woman about to explode with overwork is me right now, for sure ! Great post as ever

  2. Sorry you are having such a hard week. Have a great time in Charleston!! Love Barefoot Wine ;)

  3. I heard that barefoot is really good for summer time!!

  4. i'm sorry you are having a rough week... it's almost fridayyyy!! you have such a beautiful family!!! :) I loved the pictures!

  5. Hello, Pinot Grigio! That stuff is a tasty steal!


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