Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come OOOONNN Ali!!!

Keeping JUSTIN?!?!??!?!? What are you thinking?? Now granted, I know that Kasey was absolutely a complete nutjob who constantly sounded like he needed to hock a loogie, but at that point, I would have sent them both home. Mainly because Kasey was annoying and Justin is such a skeez. Notice how he kept saying how it was his turn to take home the Championship Belt and hold it in the air and that belt is Ali??? He is so obviously in this as a competition just to beat out other men and gain attention for his ridiculous Rated R wrastlin persona......give me a break....I'm starting to lose faith in her. I wonder how long she would have realistically kept him around if the news had not broken about him being such a two timing lying scumbag........

Meanwhile....this little slice of heaven is still my #1...........and I Chris as well....but part of me thinks that he says things sometimes because he thinks Ali wants to hear it...like him moving to San Fran and being a garbage collector?? I hope he's being genuine because I do really like him.....
FRANK THE TANK!!!!!!! He is surprisingly becoming a front runner for me!!! I liked how he quit the pity party for himself and stepped up his game towards the end!! I can't wait to see if it lasts!!

Well regardless of WHO she ends up with, I hope they have an easier name to say that Fedotowsky!!!! If I were here I'd go with the man with the last name with the fewest letters! Thank you ABC for allowing me to tune out all of my real life insanity and have a mental break every Monday evening.


  1. We're with you roberto!!!
    I really thought she was gonna send em both home!!! My husband kept saying...they gonna leave that guy there on the volcano alone? ha I reassured him they were other people with him/ha

  2. I love your reality TV posts! That Justin is a piece of work! I laughed out loud watching the helicopter fly off leaving Kasey on the glacier. That's one crazy way to be dumped!

    I heard buzz that Frank is the 2nd one with a girlfriend... ??? Crazy!

  3. Chris has been my favorite from the begining. Team Chris all the way!! I agree she should have left Rated R on that mountian too, what a nut job.


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