Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Courtesy of Kelly, Today is Show Us Your Life: CHINA PATTERNS!!!!! I rarely jump in on this trend, but today I could not pass it up. Other than paper, there are few other things that I love to collect other than china!!! The best part of getting married was getting new stationary and then picking out my patterns. I picked the same pattern of silver that my mom had and I love the look of mixing that with my grandmothers so since I did not have to rely on receiving a lot of that for my wedding, I went balls to the wall when registering for china. I WAS that obnoxious girl that had 3 patterns...luckily for me my mama has been collecting Spode Christmas for like 40 years so I'll never have to buy a piece of that no matter how many plates I break!! I love a pretty table and my mama and my mother in law both spoil me to the bone when it comes to dining at their houses because they always outdo themselves each meal with their elaborate settings. That's a treat in itself to me!
For our fine china, I somewhat took Raymond into consideration and didn't get something too frufru.....I picked out the Simply Anna by Anna Weatherly and it's classic and not trendy so I had hoped when registering I would never get sick of far so good!!!! I wanted to have some alternatives to the basics so I registered for the polka dots as well as the white and I received a nice variety of pieces, and it has made for beautiful decorations.
I picked out two every day patterns, the first being Nantucket Basket Weave by Wedgwood. This is just a basic, plain white with a twist. I love the pattern around the edges.

But my FAVORITE part of the set is the sugar bowl!! I have my creamer and bowl sitting on my counter since Raymond and I are big coffee drinkers, and it makes fixing my coffee in the morning a little bit better....this beats Starbucks!!

Since Raymond was such a good sport in the entire process of registering, I did pick out the Spode Woodland in honor of him. We registered for a variety of plates that have ducks, quail, pheasants, turkeys, and even some Boykins on them! They are slightly rustic but still have a bit of glam to them. I pair them with olive green monogrammed napkins and tablecloths and it's the perfect set!

As if I did not have enough.........last year I was in one of my all time favorite stores, Non(e) Such, ltd. and saw these beauties.....I had so much credit left after our wedding that I treated us to a setting of 6 of these....I'm hoping to get the other 6 this year!!!
so there you have obnoxious display of china.....I can't wait to keep reading and see what you other lovies picked out for yours!!!!
Off to have my eardrums busted!!!!! Can't wait to report back how awful, I mean awesome, the concert was!!!
Happy Weekend!!


  1. Here via Kelly's blog and loved reading your post! I, too, collected china for almost 40 years - then we downsized and daughters and friends got the majority of it. I kept my favorites :) Loved visiting!

  2. Have fun! You picked out lovely china! I adore the basket weave!

  3. Great post....Love the patterns. Great blog...Hope you will stop by and read about our Disney Cruise and I have a GOOD giveaway that I am drawing for on Monday.

  4. i love this! you picked out such great china!!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    My favorite of yours is the last one, love it!


  6. I love it all! Especially your polka dots! I did that as well. I got a polka dotted accent plate and I love it! Thanks for sharing!


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