Monday, June 28, 2010

Whip It...Whip It REAL good.....

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!! Ours was very low key which is always nice....since the Bug is getting so big, and notices when we are not around, it is that much harder to leave her. For the first year of her life we were ALWAYS gone and on the go- with her or without her! But lately she has switched from being the best traveling baby, to a complete nightmare in her car seat!! I haven't figured out if it's because she is used to being reclined all the way in her infant seat, and she is now more upright (even though she is still somewhat reclining, so I am not sure why she's so fussy) so lately, when we travel, it's close (no more than an hour or so because that's when the thunderstorm erupts) or we just keep it close to home. SO...this weekend we did a lot of this.....The Bug has officially transformed into a WATER BUG this Summer! We did venture over to the lake on Saturday for my bestie/Bug's Aunt Erin's birthday and she was a ham splashing around in the lake!! She loves the baby pool and even more so all the "grown up kids" that come around and play with her!! I am so relieved because I could not have a child that did not like to play out in the sun/water!!
(It's not the actual country club pool, but it's the best I could find that wasn't a tropical resort!!)
And on Sunday we got to watch Aunt Jenny in her first Roller Derby match!! It was awesome and Jenny aka Turner Loose was a smashing hit!!! Her team did so great and even Georgia loved all the loud music and watching the girls skate around!!! I'm rushing out to get Whip It today so I can actually understand what was going on and beef up my terminology for the next match!!
And of course....we cheered these guys on through the games this weekend on to the FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! GOOOOO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud to have had TWO teams from SC make it to the final round- you boys make us proud!!!!!!
So you know where the hubs and I will be parked tonight at 7:30!!!!
Happy Monday!!!



  1. soo cute!! So glad yall had such a great weekend!!

  2. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  3. Roller Derby?? That's wicked awesome!

  4. Looks like y'all had a great weekend. A dip in the pool is always wonderful.

  5. Hi Charlotte! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. Your blog is great, and your little girl is precious!

  6. Hi, your blog is so cute!! And your little 'bug' is just adorable :) Glad you had a fantastic weekend!!

  7. Hey Charlotte!

    I just sent you an email about Kelly's Kids Fall line, comment me if you dont get it! Thanks!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend! And how cool that you went to a Roller Derby?!


  9. Hey lady! I left you something on my blog! :)

  10. Looks like fun! I totally want to go to a roller derby match! Looks fun!


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