Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm such a jerk.....

Meghan, Brent & Cohen's Story
So no sooner had I hit publish post had Meghan's post for the day come up on my reader....if you are not familiar with Cohen's story, you really need to grab some tissues and sit down and read what this precious family is going through. Meghan so faithfully documented her pregnancy for all of her readers and her positive outlook and excitement for her pregnancy and becoming a mama never wavered once throughout her 9 months....They knew before Cohen was born that there were going to be some difficulties. How in the world do you conceptualize something like that? Cohen is now just over a week old and is in a battle that no little angel should ever have to go through-
and here I am bitching about my week.
MY WEEK has been nothing short of a cake walk compared to what this family is going through.
We spent 11 long days in the NICU. 11. That's it. And I was a nervous and miserable wreck the entire time. The mamas that are able to channel all of their frustrations and hopelessness somewhere else and remain looking up simply amaze me. Meghan has remained upbeat and so selfless in her postings of Cohen's status. He is truly a waking miracle and already has proven to be strong and determined.
Suddenly my crappy work week fails to compare the uphill challenge this family is facing. I have my health, my family is healthy, and we are fine. I get to come home and snuggle with my healthy and happy baby girl. I cannot imagine the pain that these two parents are going through. I admire them so much and feel like such a jerk for complaining about my week. This little boy needs all the prayers he can get.


  1. aww i am praying for the Cohen's...That is so sad. I haven't read your post below but everyone needs to vent :) I hope you have a better day.

  2. I have been following this story as well. They are amazing. Their courage and dedication to this baby is completely inspiring.


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