Friday, June 26, 2009

No sleep till Brooklyn....

Well, no, I'm not actually going to Brooklyn...but I am going on no sleep. Despite having no sleep last night, we had a wonderful visit from Uncle Dee and Aunt Ree-Ree (Maureen) today. They stopped by today on their way to Charlotte to see Baby G and brought Georgia a gift and lots of love- it's a beautiful linen pillow with smocking on it and her name, birth date and Bible verse on's beautiful. We also got a book that has animal sounds- it's wonderful!!!! Georgia LOVES getting presents!!!!!
Tonight we are going to one of my bestie's birthday Erbos turned 24 yesterday!!! Love you girl!!!! This is an exciting birthday for her because it's her last as Erin Middlebrooks!!!!! She got engaged last week and is getting married in March!!!! Georgia is so excited for her Aunt Erin and Uncle Jake!!!! We can't wait tonight to celebrate with them!!!! We will also be able to show Miss G off to everyone and Georgia's Aunt Callie will be there as well to join in on the festivities!!! We will also have a drink to celebrate Aunt Callie's birthday as well since I was in the hospital at the time of her festivities.....Georgia is so very lucky to have two wonderful women who love her so!!!! She will get showered with plenty of kisses tonight I am sure of that. I will post pictures as soon as we get back!!
Tomorrow out very dear friends T and MB will officially become our neighbors!! Well, town neighbors. They will be right down the road from us and we are so freaking excited to have them out here!!! Raymond is helping them move and tomorrow we will go over there and help break in the new home!! It's an adorable home and I know that they will be so incredibly happy there. We can't wait to start having them over more often!!!
Sunday will be a mommy day for me at the pool....Raymond is the best : )
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Love and kisses to you all!
Charlotte and Georgia

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