Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poor GOP

So, I have read some people's blogs where they have had to actually make a statement that says...."This is my blog, and if you don't like what you are reading, don't read...." I always thought, hmm, are people that concerned with what other people, probably even people they don't even know, are talking about???? What has this world come to that I can't write about what I want to write about? I thought that was the whole purpose of free speech.....SO, for the record, I am now (shockingly) having to make this statement myself:
This is my blog, and I will write about what I want to write about. If you don't like the topic that I choose to discuss, or you think I share too much or am too opinionated or I haven't been equal in my attention, I have a simple solution: Don't read it please. It's amazing to see how someone can take a blog post and turn it around to be about them, when in actuality, my blogs are harmless and completely relevant to my life. So please leave it be. Some people are so funny- what I choose to write about has actually nothing to do with you. Believe it or not, most everything I write about has to do with something that is going on in my life with my family and I think the old saying goes something like this, mind your own business and it's not always about you.....those are two very appropriate ones for this post.
Think this is a bit harsh? Well I certainly do apologize but I tend to get a tad heated when someone has the audacity to comment about my blog and thinking that I shouldn't write about certain things or people. Or vice versa. I don't sugar coat things in real life, so I am most certainly not going to do them in blog world.
With that said......Just a recap about the drama that has been going on with the GOP
Last week Rusty Depass was RAKED across the coals for making a stupid (albeit funny) statement on his facebook status about the gorilla that was loose at the Riverbanks Zoo. It was a harmless statement and it later became clear that the joke had an alternative meaning linking it back to Michelle Obama. Well, people, I have news for you, I will never believe that a stupid joke like that required Mr. Depass to make a public apology to the NAACP, write a letter to Michelle Obama and to have his name dragged through the mud. Get over yourselves. It's absolutely infuriating to me to think that he had to go through all of that. Mr. Depass is a God fearing, church going man who is an upstanding citizen and has done a lot of good for the GOP. I am sure he had no idea the repercussions of his actions, as most of us don't sometimes, but I think the consequences taken upon him were completely out of line and way too harsh. I know that sooner or later, it will be old news, but it's hard to see past the harsh headlines and seeing a good man's name tarnished. Because in the South, it's not just you that your actions affect, you have a last name, and down here your last name holds just as much bearing as your credit score.
Second, I can only imagine how this whole soap opera with Mark Sanford will play out over national headlines, but I hope that the liberal media will give him and his family the privacy they need right now. I can only hope that the First Lady and her children will be sheltered from some of this craziness. I hope that Gov Sanford can work with his family and friends and get back some of the trust and respect that they will need to be a functioning family. I am curious to see how all of it plays out and I always wonder how flippant a politicians actions can be. I am sure that they are much more calculated than we give them credit for (sometimes.) I hope that he will give more thought to his actions in the future- for the sake of his children. Infidelity is a hard pill to swallow and he will have to live with this forever. Let's just see how this all plays out....

Thank you all to my faithful followers. I started this blog as a way to communicate with family but it has turned into so much more for me. It's an outlet that at the end of the day I can vent through. I have always been a big "journaler" and I love writing. I also love talking, and so this is the best of both worlds. I also love having a portal through which I can tell you about my wonderful family and friends, and pay tribute to those that I love and care about so much. How fun is it having a shout out to you?!? It's like having your name called out on the radio or something! I love it when my fellow bloggers take time to make a note about me, or comment/compliment me on my posts. I also love having something that my children will be able to look back and see how I have tracked my life and theirs. That's why I have this blog. For me.



  1. love glad i started following!

  2. good job for speaking your mind! I agree w/ you!

    Hope all is well w/ the little one!

  3. I think people just like the drama of talking about other peoples "problems". It's exhausting actually. Me, peronally, have way too many of my own problems to keep up with everyone elses!
    I know what Mr. Sanford did was wrong, but I do hate that he has to live this out in public.. for him and his family. How mortifying. It's something that should be worked out between themselves.. privately!

  4. Amen! Thanks for standing up what you believe in! Hope little Georgia is doing well!



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