Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleep Deprivation 101

Hello all!!
Sorry I have been MIA......we are happy to report that we brought Baby Georgia home on Thursday June 11. I have been meaning to post some updates, but the last week and a half has been pretty tough on us.
In a nutshell as most of you know, our angel had to go to the NICU due to some breathing problems. We had hoped that her stay would be short and while it was still short compared to most of the babies up there (I tend to feel really guilty when I say this), it was still too long. I think it has to be by far the most unnatural feeling for a mama to have to leave the hospital without her baby. Raymond and I did really well the first couple of days she was in there, mainly I guess because we were still in the hospital as well. But having to go home and sit in her nursery without her in there, was just heartbreaking. I really started to crumble at the beginning of last week when I just felt like we were going nowhere. The doctors up there are amazing, but it was so difficult for a doctor to look you in the eye and say that they don't know when you can go home. I tried to remain positive and upbeat, and Raymond and I relied on each other more than we ever had at that point. I am so incredibly thankful for such an amazing husband and a strong marriage. I could never have gotten through that without him or the rest of our family. We have an amazing support team and they continue to amaze us every day. We prayed constantly, and I learned such a valuable lesson in all of this. That I have to continue to be thankful and diligent in my praise even after my prayers are granted. I think all too often we fall into the trap of praying only when we need something, or before meals. I now find myself praying in the morning when I wake up, when I am in the shower, when I am washing dishes, when I am feeding Georgia, or when Raymond and I are turning in for the night. I have definitely been brought to my knees in all of this and my faith has been shaken to the very core. But in every dark hour there is a beautiful morning to come. Thursday when we walked out of that hospital with our baby I finally felt my family was complete. My joy was slightly cut short when we walked by all of the other rooms with the babies in there. My heart tugged for all of those parents that have yet to be able to experience the elation that Raymond and I were experiencing at that moment. So I continue my diligent prayer for all of those precious children that we left behind. I am so thankful for the wonderful NICU staff and the beautiful facility they built last August. Each baby gets their own room with a bed for Mom and Dad. They also have showers up there complete with a blow dryer!! We didn't spend the night up there as they encourage you to go home and get some rest (if that's possible) but we were up there from sun up to sun down every day and it was so nice to have a tv and a comfy place to bond with our baby. They also have an amazing ministry called Caring Casseroles that provides casseroles to the families up there so you don't have to worry about cooking when you go home. We came home on Thursday with a yummy dish that we have been eating on for several meals! Such a wonderful treat!
We made it through the first day without any (major) catastrophies! Although, Georgia has decided that she likes to be up from about 2-5. Other than that, she eats and sleeps like a CHAMP! We went to the pediatrician on Friday and her weight gain looks great. We will go back tomorrow for her official 2 week checkup and mama can finally get behind the wheel of a car again!!!!! It has been about a month and a half since I have driven my car so I am pretty excited! I feel like a teenager all over again! This weekend has gone pretty smooth and we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. We have had some visitors and luckily they have given us a little relief so we have been able to shower/get some rest. I am so thankful!! I will continue to post in between naps and catching up on housework!
Much love to all of you out there!!

Love, the (once again) Happy Hamilton's

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