Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bug's First Birthday Party.... I only have about a month and a half before the Bug turns ONE!!! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown!! I am going with a Zebra, Hot Pink and Lime Green theme but have been running into some road blocks....these are some images that I have found that are providing me with some inspiration...... courtesy of google
I am definitely going to do a candy bar....any suggestions from anyone who has done one of types of candies that are big hits?? I have found several websites that are awesome and you can order candy by the color! How nice is that?!?! I will let you know which website I end up using. I've also created custom stickers through Fontaine Maury that will go on the cello bags for the candy....this will be the guests surcie!!!
I'm still tossing around the idea of an animal print cake....I will definitely do one for the Bug to plow into but a Fabulous baker has offered to do some cupcakes for me as opposed to a large cake for the crowd.....what are your thoughts on this????

How to Shown at WCD
I LOVE this topiary!!!! My mom and I are going to do some for the party...I've found a DIY website on google (just type in ribbon topiary). They seem really easy to do! I've also thought about these Chinese lanterns as well hanging in the yard above all the tables.....

I have several glass dispensers (with the spout) that I thought putting pink lemonade in with limes would really go with the decor....the other dispenser will have margaritas for the adults!! I had to have another lime accessory!!

If any of you have pulled off a pink and green party and have ideas, throw them my way!!! I've thought about tossing the zebra out and throwing more "Lilly-esque" items in there....I guess I will go with whichever one I find more of!!
Raymond has no idea what he's getting into............

p.s.- i love that my google spell check highlighted "surcie" i guess mr. spell check isn't southern


  1. Love all the ideas! My daughter is turning two in June. I'm definitely stealing your pink lemonade with limes in it idea! So preppy!

    Last year, when my daughter turned one, I went to the Lilly website, and got a cake made with one of the cute fish Lilly swatches made on it. Lots of icing! And so cute! I also used the Lilly Pom-Poms. Love them! With all of your crafty ideas, I'm sure you and your mother could make the pom-poms. They're super easy. You'll have to do a post on the topiaries. I may do those for my girl's birthday if they're not too difficult to make. Happy Planning!

  2. Oh that's going to be SO CUTE!!!!!! I love the candy bar idea!!! I would definitely go with cupcakes!! OR you could do a small cake with cupcakes surrounding it or cupcakes on top. I just love cupcakes so I'm biased. ;)

  3. Those are great inspirational photos. I like where you are going with it!

  4. I love all these images! The candy bar is incredible and I LOVE the topiaries. Sounds like it is going to be so much fun!

  5. These ideas are too cute! Love them all. GG's first b'day is in July and I was thinking of going with a pink/green candy theme as well. My favorite thing is the ribbon topiary. Just hope I have the skills to pull it off. Keep the ideas and pics coming! Have a great week!

  6. Love all the ideas and can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. love all your ideas!!
    for our wedding reception/party we are having it very laid back. our colors are pink, green and orange. some of the photos you posted i have used for inspiration as well!!
    check out my posts, i made some really fun tissue paper flowers and button flowers for decor. very simple to make and they are fun :)
    we are having a candy buffet/bar as well!

    can't wait to see pics of your little ones first party!

  8. Um, can you throw me a birthday party?


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