Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(White) Hot Tamale!

Do you all remember when catalogs were the craze? I can remember waiting every week in middle and high school for my Delia's, Alloy, Victoria's Secret and we can't forget how impatiently we waited for our Seventeen magazine!!! Well somehow I have landed back on the circulation for Alloy....when I first thought back to my high school days, I remember Alloy being more "skater chick/punk rock/surfer chick" type clothing....and maybe I am not remembering correctly....but regardless, they have some CUTE CUTE CUTE stuff! And their items are so reasonable! And of course, if I am talking about it, then you know they have plus size stuff! Most all of their pants (including jeans) go up to size 25....and yes, those are junior sizes, but that should still go up to at least a size 20 depending on your shape. Look at some of these adorable items from the latest issue..... Stretch poplin trouser....I LOVE these extreme wide leg....with a cute blouse tucked in, these wold be perfect for a night out.....$37.90

I fell in love with both of these white dresses.....both from Alloy and available in up to 3X!!!
Both $44.90
I have been searching for the perfect white jeans for this summer...I had to toss my maternity ones! My bestie Liz turned me onto these from Lands End.....
And all of these lovely little treasures below hail from my latest and greatest secret stash....that's right, all of these tops are from KMart!!!! I am all about a good deal these days!!!

I love wearing white in the Summer! 1) Your tan always looks that much better with white on! and 2) with a baby around, all you have to do is bleach it!!!! I am so not looking forward to putting on a bathing suit just yet, but these cute items have me all hyped about El Verano!!!
Thank you all for all the well wishes! Yesterday was definitely worse than Monday, and the soreness has set in today. Luckily I have my wonderful Mama and awesome MIL here helping us out along the way! And of course, I have to give some major shout outs to all of our friends who are LOADING us up with food! You all are so amazing! Raymond and I could not do this without you!!!! Love to you all!!!


  1. What great finds! Thanks for sharing!! I am really liking those white dresses!!

  2. Um, I think your profile describes me to a T! Very cute blog. And yes, of course you can guess where the location is. :)

  3. Ohmigosh- Kmart? I never think to go there! The one near me closed recently, but I'll have to check this out. I'm all about a good deal!

  4. So happy you posted this! Can't wait to check out Alloy!


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