Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail.....

This year was so much fun....I did not do a tremendous amount of stuff this year for Christmas since Georgia didn't really realize what was going on! BUT the Easter Bunny definitely made his stop at our house this year!!! We had a blast getting everything....she got several new bathing suits, some dresses, a musical table, a talking puppy dog, her own little pink cell phone, beach toys, books, bubbles, and candy!!! She had a big year!!! Daddy's basket is to the left, and he stocked up on golf balls, some Guy Harvey TShirts, and lots of candy! Mama got a cute little new outfit and a bracelet from Handpicked! Overall, it was a wonderful Easter!
The Bug just had to try out her new bunny ears!!
Georgia had an all white smocked dress on and her bow had a bunny on it! I also put her in her white Bobux...normally she doesn't keep her shoes on but she managed to cooperate for church!
ugh.....the humidity has set in.......
Georgia was pretty much over taking pictures at this point
Big and Mimzy came by to see us! Later that evening we went to see Uncle D and Swoozie but I forgot my camera of course!
Georgia and her Big!
Hope the Bunny was good to all of you as well! Hard to believe that Easter has come and gone! Summer and the heat have set in!!


  1. Love all the pics! Man, she got a loot of goodies! My daughter still loves her dog that sings. She got it for her first birthday, and she's now 21 months. It's a great toy!

  2. WOW! Great stuff! I never thought about getting the hubs a basket too...I will have to do that! Thanks! xoxo

  3. Great pics! Wow, the Easter bunny was generous.

    Glad everyone had a great day!

  4. You have such an adorable family! Like always, love your outfit & your bracelet-I want want want. Looks like she had an amazing Easter! and I'm a fan of the seersucker suit :)


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