Friday, April 9, 2010

The Countdown is on!!!

That's right my loves....only 24 days until the Biyatches of the Turnpike return in all their dramalicious glory to fulfill my Monday evenings!!!! I can't wait!!! I am sure the drama will be as delish and tensions will be as high as ever!!!!! I already have my DVR warming up...... Until the return of the ORIGINAL bubbies, I'll settle by getting my Jersay fix from these sassy mafiasas (and mafiaso, sorry Anthony!!) Seriously, Gigi's boyfriend Frankie literally looks like he stepped off of the set of The Sopranos....but what's even more entertaining than the actual show? The Fanpage on Facebook!! The catfights that those people get into over this show are absolutely hilarious....need a good laugh? Check it out....
And of course, right now, I am currently getting my reality show fix from these six socialites.
Am I the only one who thinks that Ramona is seriously and certifiably crazy??? I think that Bethenny is so into herself and portraying herself as a victim and this is getting old, fast. I try and keep an open and fresh perspective on her, but I think her "wit" (if that's what you want to call it) is just so tiresome. I think that Jill has taught me what kind of friend I do NOT want to be- she keeps tabs on everything! That's not friendship to constantly throw stuff back in someones face. If you truly forgive and love someone and want to move on with the friendship, that's what you do....not harbour that resentment to throw back in their face at a later time. Luann has me puzzled this year, I have always been an avid promoter of Luann but I can't quite determine how I feel about her this year. Kelly is...well....Kelly. And the front runner for my favorite this year is Alex. She's attempting to stay out of the drama but also keep her friendships in a healthy manner with everyone....she has pleasantly surprised me!!

Raymond and I absolutely LOVE Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!!! I cry every time we watch it. Jamie is so passionate about turning our school food's system around and my heart breaks for him at the challenges he encounters. He is just so sweet and caring and I think what he is trying to do is truly remarkable.

And as always, my favorite TV Family has returned and have not disappointed!!! I got a kick out of Tori and Dean's attempt at an RV Cross Country family road trip....Good luck ever getting Raymond to get me to commit to that!!! I just love this little family and all of their dysfunctions.....
I think I am at my limit right now for trashy reality TV!!!! Being home all week has definitely promoted me to #1 Couch Potato! I cannot wait to get out of the house this weekend! It's absolutely gorgeous here!!!


  1. Ramona is definitely a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Love some Real Housewives drama and didn't realize the Bubby Queens of NJ were getting ready to come back. Yay!

  2. i LOVE all those shows!!
    trashy reality tv is the best ;)
    have a great weekend hun!

  3. Thanks for your comments over at CAwife! Love your blog too!!
    Ramona is a complete nut case, every episode she gets a little crazier. I sure hope she's embarassed by her behavior when she watches the episodes back!
    Thanks for the tip that RHNJ is coming back soon. They're crazy and hilarious... YAY can't wait!

  4. Hi, Charlotte! Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace!

    Your daughter is precious!! It looks like the Easter Bunny was *very* good to her, too! ;)

  5. I don't get the channel, so I just read everything else says here in blogging world, I am gonna try to get the DVD's on Ebay. Dang it and the Bumpkin loves a good reality show.

  6. Gasp! I LUVRE those Jersey Housewives. It's the only Housewives I really follow.

  7. I love the Jersey girls! They crack me up!!

  8. I can't wait for the ladies from my home state of Jersey to hit the air again.

    And yes, Ramona is a complete nutcase!!

    Just love Bravo programming!

  9. Just found your blog and WOW! I was thrilled to see how our TV addictions are so similar! :) I can't wait for NJ, but NY is keeping me VERY entertained this season.

    Great blog! I will be back! :)

  10. So excited for the NJ Housewives to be back on too! For right now, I'm enjoying the NY Housewives and their drama-filled antics! Did you see the previews for next week with Ramona on the runway? That's going to be priceless!


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