Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

In Columbia, we have hands down one of the best zoo's!! It's awesome!! Raymond and I were so excited to take the Bug for her first visit. We went this past Friday around lunchtime...the weather was perfect, and Georgia could not have had a better time!! She was also excited to show off her new Lilly romper.....courtesy of Ebay for $9.95, thank you very much! Out front! Ready to go explore!!
Georgia's first 3D movie!!
Mommy and Daddy enjoying the movie!
Relaxing and enjoying the ride........
Looking at the koalas!!
So much to look at!!
In the barn with all of the farm animals!
Enjoying a cocktail along the ride
Daddy and his #1 Girl!!

We also had our first taste of ice cream which was a HUGE hit!! She loved the Dippin' Dots!! She also loved the gorilla and the monkeys! They put on a fantastic show for us all! The entire day was a smashing hit!! We purchased a membership for the year so we are already preparing for our next trip back!


  1. I'm with her...Dippin' Dots are awesome!!!! :D

    When you get a chance, check out my post from April 3rd called "Well, shut my mouth!" and enter the giveaway!! It ends tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These pictures are darllllinnnnggg! Love her little smile!

  3. ps- i am your 100th follower!!

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog! what a precious little girl! these pics are great! :)

  5. Agh! I absolutely love zoos! She's so dang cute!

  6. Cute pictures, looks like you had a good time!

  7. Cute pictures, looks like you had a good time!


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