Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I am OBSESSED with tunics right now.....I have given in to the skinny jean craze and love the look with sandals and a tunic...look at some of these cute ones I've recently found.....Raymond is gonna hate me having to be laid up all day!! It's not looking good for my closet right about now!!! these are so light and airy for the summer!!! over white jeans....how cute!!!!!!
**all of these tunics shows courtesy of......KMART!!!! After a few emails, I caved and shared my secret stash!!**
i love this black and white one for a little dressier look!

and of course, I could not leave the Bug out of the tunic trend.....look at this precious dress for her!!!
**Lilly Pullitzer**

look at these precious pin cord pants!!! with a crisp white cotton tee....perfect for a summer evening!!!
just for you Brittany....these are from Lands End!!
up next...........I have found some adorable White Hot Deals!!!!!


  1. so i need to know where those tunics are from! :)

  2. You blogged! Yay!!! What did y'all do for Easter? What did the bug wear?

  3. Love those pants! Where did you find them?? I like the wide legs pants..they help my big legs!


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