Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cafe Mom

So usually I refuse to watch the fourth hour of The Today Show because Kathie Lee and Hoda absolutely drive me crazy....especially Hoda's wardrobe choices (I digress).....BUT one of my all time favorites (I know I'm gonna catch heat for this one) Tori Spelling is co-hosting this week while Hoda is on vacay so of course I had to tune in.....
I am so glad I did! They had a segment on moms who blog! How appropriate! They also had the Sr VP from the social networking sight CafeMom.com so naturally I went on there to explore. It's the mothership (no pun intended) of Mom advice, news, how-tos, recipes, etc. You name it, it's on there. It's an amazing forum to wanna be mamas, expecting mamas, new mamas, and the most valuable- experienced mamas- I have had the most fun looking around this sight and getting all sorts of new information! It's definitely the new age "What to Expect When You're Expecting..." type thing. This is the perfect outlet for moms who need advice, want to share, want to vent, or just escape from reality for a bit.....
All you mamas, check it out.

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