Monday, July 13, 2009

Jammie Day!!!

This is the mood around our house was raining this morning and although I think the rain has stopped, I made the executive decision this morning when it was gloomy that we were going to stay inside and snuggle in the bed all day!!! Tellie and Georgia are definitely NOT arguing with Mama on this one!!!!

Today marks our family's LAST day of gluttony! Tomorrow Raymond and I officially start WW and we are so excited. I am smaller than I was before I got pregnant, but now that I have a baby, I am super motivated to keep dropping the lb's and get healthy for G. I am back to normal and feeling like I have the whole baby nursing/feeding/sleeping schedule down to where I can now focus on something else. We will keep you posted on our success! We are ready to go- we have the meetings, the cookbooks, and no junk in the house!! Wish us luck!!

Also, on a mommy note....we have been on a bottle search. Before the bug arrived, I stocked up on Dr. Brown's bottles because I had so many people tell me they were the best. Well, no one told me though, that bottles, like pacis (and expensive baby equipment) are not necessarily going to be the same for every baby. These just have not worked very well for us. They leak and Ladybug fought terrible gas on her belly and we tried switching up formula and that didn't work. So we went back to regular formula, and then switched bottles and......ta da!! I think we found it!! We have been using the Born Free bottles and I LOVE them. I like that they are big, fat bottles, which are good for holding. And I like the size of the nipples, she doesn't spit back the formula out of the sides of her mouth like she does with the DB's. And the bug seems to respond better to these than the Dr Brown's altogether. I resisted packing up the Dr. Brown's because I thought I might be jinxing myself. But, I think after frustration after frustration, I am finally going to take the plunge and pack up most of the bottles. I will prob leave a few of them out, as I only have about 5 of the Born Free bottles, and I have about 30 Dr. Brown's bottles and I will slowly build up my BF stash. Hopefully in the next week I will have a couple more bottles and once and for all put up the rest of the DB's!!!

Now, does anyone have any suggestions on a good swing that swings side to side? We tried the front to back and she doesn't like it....go figure!!! All suggestions are welcome!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful (jammie) day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte and her snuggle bunnies


  1. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. It's so wonderful to connect with other bloggers that share similar interests. I would have made the same decision and spent the day in bed, letting it rain. Rainy days are great snuggle days. Hope the sun comes out soon.

  2. I have no baby tips for you, but I just have to say that is such a darling picture of your little babies. Georgia is so beautiful (and so is Tellie of course!!)!

  3. Love, love, love the pic of Georgia and Tellie! Looks like everyone is settling in quite nicely! :-)


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