Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Steps Forward.....Five Steps Backwards

So I really thought we were making some progress with Georgia and her sleeping....I should have known I was in the wrong lane of parenting!! Isn't that how the saying goes, when everything is going smoothly, you're in the wrong lane????
Well, we had been doing so well with her! We had her going in 4 hour stretches easily at night. Last night she was just all out of whack which makes me wonder how well she is going to do at the beach.....unfortunately there, I can't let her cry it out at night like I can here. But at least I will have help during the day so I can get a break then. Once I feed her, burp her, change her, I lay her down. For the past few nights she was going down like a champ! Going right back to sleep! Sometimes she does get a little fussy when she realizes I'm not holding her anymore but I just let her cry and usually about 20 minutes, she's passed back out again. Now mind you, it's not the blood curdling scream like you may be thinking, it's her "whiny, I wanna be held scream" which is why I am able to let her just calm her own self back down. I figure, she's got to learn this at some point....well last night after I fed her at 2 she just would not have anything to do with even shutting her eyes, or looking like she might want to go back down....I try to keep all the lights off and avoid engaging her at all cost, but last night after an hour and a half, I put her in her bouncy seat and sat there bouncing her- finally at 4, she was sleepy so I put her down and after about 10 minutes of fussiness, she fell back asleep! Whew! Only to get up at 6 to do it all over again!! HA! Today I have a feeling I will not be leaving the house!!!

On a lighter note, this weekend was so much fun for us! We got to go out on the lake on Saturday with some of our friends and were able to really relax for a few hours....Raymond and I tried to stay on track with the WW but this weekend was a little challenging I have to I'm a little nervous to go weigh in tomorrow! Oh well, hopefully it will only be a minor setback!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! My personal goal this week is to get better about my blogging....I don't know where my time goes!!!



  1. now i can keep up with yours too! i'm excited b/c i actually know how to do it now! love, b

  2. Sounds like a growth spurt! With newborns, everytime you think you've figured them out, a growth spurt will throw everything out of whack. I think the first (if I can remember) is around 6 weeks-ish. And again at 3 months and 6 months. Those are the biggies. Sounds like you are doing great. Hang in there! You'll get some sleep soon!

  3. Aw I hope Georgia doesn't wear you out too much!

    In response to your comment to me- I'm glad you mentioned how skinny Shea was...she looked WAY thinner in the face. Her hair looked better than it had all season I thought, and she was finally wearing a color other than black! I hope she doesn't get too skinny, but I think she'll come back sassy and maybe even a likable character!!

  4. I bet she will do great at the beach, being outside will wear her out. if no, i'd rather be up at night at the beach than at home :)


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