Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drumroll please.......

Well, it made my house smell good!!!! Hahaha! That's probably the nicest thing I can say about this!! I was disappointed in how it turned out...it's just not sweet- hmm....I think I might try again, and I might add some sugar substitute like Splenda and that might help it. It's a little spongy....I think I might toast it in the toaster oven and put some butter on it....I know I know that defeats the point in it being Vegan, but I'm not a Vegan, remember?? And butter is only 1 point for a tablespoon....so that should allow me to lather it up a good bit and still only have 3 points in a serving- not too shabby.

Maybe pair that with some good Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee (1 point) and we'll call it a morning....I'm in the process of trying to convince Georgia that all the "IT" kids are sleeping these days, she should consider joining the club. I'm such a good influence.
Trashy tv updates to follow.

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  1. Trashy TV is the best. Wish NJ Housewives were still on!


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