Monday, July 20, 2009

A Look at Our Weekend

This weekend we were so grateful to Swoozie for taking Georgia for us on Friday night! Raymond and I went to see The Hangover and then out for a bit. We took this photo before we went out and it was to send to Raymond's cousin and his beautiful (now) wife who were married Friday evening. The whole family all took photos from their locations to send their toasts to them on the West Coast. It made for such a beautiful slide show and it was so moving to see everyone raising their glasses to wish them the best. We thought it turned out well, only wish the bug could have made her presence in it! But, next time for sure!! The rest of these pictures are from Saturday night when our little ladybug came back. We were happy to have had the night off, but we both missed her so terribly much! We were ecstatic to have her back!!!
Lounging with her Daddy.......
Snug in her swing....or the MIRACLE swing as I should call it!!!
Getting kisses from her Mama.....
It was so wonderful to have time for just the two of us, but you quickly realize when you are alone, that your world really does revolve completely around your babies. It's not a bad thing, but it also made Raymond and I realize how ever more important it is that we keep our relationship "up to par" as well. Being out, just the two of us, felt like we were dating all over again and once again he made me feel so special and wonderful and not because I'm the mother of his daughter, but because I am the woman he loves so completely. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband!!
Hope y'alls weekend was as wonderful as ours!!!!
"I've been scared as hell cause I've heard how the story goes. You get married and you settle down and the passion withers like a rose. But I refuse to lose this thing we have together. And I'll keep the fire burning baby burning both ends of forever."
-Corey Smith
Love, Charlotte


  1. Great that you had a good weekend...and some quality alone time! We need it every now and then! Luckily all of our family is close by, so we've been able to have a night out alone!

  2. Yes...I have been dying for one...On sale, last week JC Penny's...who would have thought it?? $24.00. Lret me know if you see a brown one, I have been looking for one of those. Good luck!


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