Monday, October 12, 2009

Everybody's workin for the weekend....

This weekend the bestie and I had an incredibly successful Formosa show! We love doing shows because they are a great way to meet people and really get a feel for what our customers are looking start to run into a lot of the same vendors at all of the shows and it's just fun hanging out with such fun people all day! How blessed are we that we get to do what we love and reap the benefits of our hard work?!?!?

Our freshwater pearls that just came in!!!! They are so beautiful! And reasonable!!!
Our mannequin....she keeps us company on the road : )
We've got several more shows before the end of the year so these ladies will be busy busy busy!!!
Remember to stop by Formosa's blog to check out our new stuff and updates on upcoming shows!!


  1. Great-looking items! That really is a blessing to be able to use your creativity and make some money from it!

  2. Aww good for you!! I wish I had something that I enjoyed doing like that!! Thanks for following me! your little girl is precious!!

  3. I totally need to buy some new jewelry!! Love the new background!

  4. I am loving those pearls! Y'all look beautiful in the picture! Hope your having a great week! = )

  5. somehow I missed this post- you both look beautiful! love both your outfits & jewels :)


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