Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Finally Friday!!!!!

This weekend we're headed here......... I am so excited for Bug to finally go to the pumpkin patch!!! We'll also be getting our own pumpkins but carving will have to wait. I can't stand the smell of rotting pumpkins!!!!

Tonight we're having dinner with our good friends Hamp and Rebecca at the club. The boys played in a golf tournament today so we'll go up there and celebrate wth them. Then we're headed over to Tuck and MB's for a get together!! And YES, we ARE that couple who is bringing along the little one. Luckily, we're the only ones with kids so babies are still exciting and new to all of our friends and not a nuisance quite yet.....

One of my best friends Erin is getting married in a few months so I am so excited to be kicking off her wedding festivities with her engagement party this weekend!! All of the girls are coming into town and I couldn't be more ecstatic about getting together with such good friends.
You know how you have those times when you're with your childhood friends and you are just constantly reminded of why you've remained friends this long??? We haven't all been together since Georgia was born so I'm really excited for Bug to meet all of her beautiful aunts!!!!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Have fun! Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Have fun and take lots of cute pics!

    I tried a recipe that I'm pretty sure you posted not too long ago. The sloppy joes made with turkey burger? Sooooo delish! Loved it!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. We are carving our pumpkin this weekend even though the FL heat will probably kill it before Halloween. Take pics over the weekend!

  4. sounds like a great weekend you have planned! :)
    have fun at the pumpkin patch!!

  5. oooh such a cool picture of those pumpkins!

  6. How was the pumpkin patch? Stop by my blog when you get a chance, I just tagged you with an award!

  7. What a cute blog! I am a new follower. You have great pics!

  8. I hope bug enjoyed the patch! xoxo


  9. Where are you girl? I need a sweet Georgia fix! :-)

  10. missing you in blogland!!! come back! hope all is well with you :)


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