Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a beautiful mornin'.....

The sun is shining, I've got some new books, and the Vitamin D is calling my name! I think I am going to go take my preggers behind and lay in my front yard. A while ago Raymond bought one of those camping chairs that has a foot rest. I made fun of him at the time, guess I am now eating my words....this way my feet will still be elevated and I will still be resting! I think some sun will do me and Baby G some good. MORE importantly though, OUR BABY COMES HOME TODAY!!!! I am so excited! Milton and Keys are going to bring her on their way home to Charleston from Chester. I was like a kid on Christmas morning today, I woke up and the first thing that popped into my head was her arrival. I've already planned a serious Saturday Snuggle Day for us to catch up on almost TWO weeks of no cuddling! This day is off to a fabulous start! I had breakfast delivered to me in bed by my Bobby Flay hubby, I'm gonna get some color and our Tellie comes home...what a life!
I will be sure to post some pictures of her homecoming this afternoon- I'm sure there will be lots of her infamous "crying" that she does along with maybe a tinkle or two on the carpet (her signature move)....gotta love it

Love, C

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