Friday, May 15, 2009

Still here....

Hey all you sweet supporters!!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just haven't felt like blogging lately. And I just don't like posting whiny blogs. To sum it up, we went to the doctor for visit #1 of the week and my bp was up to their surprise. They were also a little concerned with my persistent headache. They increased my medicine but I think this ultimately caused me to become lightheaded and dizzy and lost my bearings on Tuesday. I am thankful that Raymond was at home with me otherwise I might have been terrified trying to pick myself up off the bathroom floor. We went back to the doctor on Tuesday and....yep, you guessed it, they put me back in the hospital. So here I am just sitting here, on painkillers, trying to get rid of this headache. Nothing was working so they sent a Neurologist up to examine me and he has ordered an MRI for sometime today. They have also ordered an ultrasound today as well. I haven't updated because although I am trying to keep my spirits up, it's just really hard this time around. I am 34 weeks today and I am trying to stay positive. It's really hard in the face of a storm. To make it worse, I just don't feel good. I am cranky and irritable and going on no sleep. The doctors are literally working around the clock to make me feel better and I know the are so frustrated because they have to come in here and tell me that they don't know what's causing my headache. At this point, we are taking it day by day. We are so thankful for every day we get with Georgia still inside. We believe that those days are numbered at this point.
This weekend our dear friends H and R are getting married and I won't be able to be there. The having to get out of work has been tough, the bed rest has been seriously boring, but missing their wedding weekend by far has been the largest disappointment and biggest hurdle that I am having to overcome. Pregnancy officially stinks right now. I know, I know, I know I have heard it a million times that the most important thing is for me to be healthy and for Georgia to be safe. But I am sick of hearing that-and I am tired of hearing that. It's just not something that makes me feel better. I am not one that doesn't mind missing out on a major milestone of someone I deeply care about. Today is just a gloomy day for me. I guess somehow in the back of my head I thought, oh despite all of this, somehow my doctor would release me to attend. I will be there in spirit and I wish them all the happiness in the world. H and R, I love you both so much and I will toast my own little painkiller cocktail to you tonight.
We really appreciate all of your prayers and calls and texts but we politely ask for no visitors as I don't really know what my mood is like- I try and sleep whenever I can and with the headache, I am afraid I don't make very good company. It's pretty straining just to have a conversation so I really appreciate you just sending me your good thoughts! Also, please pray for the continued growth of our baby girl, she needs to stay just a little longer inside to gain some more strength! And most importantly, please pray for Raymond. He has been so wonderful and I could not do this without him. He's just so amazing and he continues to inspire me and keep me sane. This is why I love him so- he's the greatest!! So just keep praying and save your energy for when our baby girl decides to grace us with her presence.
We love you all,
Charlotte, Raymond, Georgia and Tellie

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  1. I'm so sorry Charlotte. We are thinking of y'all and praying for you. Pregnancy complications I can understand and relate to and I used to have horrible migraines...but I cannot imagine dealing with both at the same time! You poor thing. And then missing out on things you've longed to do is totally the pits. I hope you can get some rest. ~Molly


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