Friday, May 1, 2009

A Message from Hambone

Raymond here. I thought I'd give this whole Blog thing a try as I try to pass the time by. We are still at the hospital hoping to leave in the morning. I know Charlotte is ready to get home to get in our bed at least for a couple of nights. These past few days have been hard on us, especially since Georgia is our first so we are not use to this. I understand that preeclampsia is fairly common especially in first time pregnancies but it is scary when it actually happens to you. Our doctors and nurses have been very good to us. They have all been so nice and comforting to us. Right now we are just trying to get to 34 weeks. Ideally we would like to get to 37 weeks but we will reevaluate everything at 34 weeks. Charlotte is sleeping right now and I'm taking comfort listening to Georgia's heartbeat. Hearing her heartbeat 24/7 since Tuesday afternoon has really helped me through all this.
Working constantly while I've been here has really kept my mind occupied as I am now able to connect to my work computer through my laptop.
We decided to give the cafeteria a shot for dinner on Wednesday night, and they failed miserably. So I went on mission "Wendy's" to get Charlotte a hamburger and frosty. At least on Wednesday she didn't wait until 1 in the morning to send me running for some food like Tuesday night.
That is all for now. I'm sure Charlotte will update this tomorrow HOPEFULLY from our house. Love to you all.


Raymond, Charlotte, Georgia, and Tellie

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