Friday, May 22, 2009


This blog is totally dedicated to wishing my wonderful and fabulous sister in law Keys a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! As I mentioned the other day, Keys and I are much more than sister in laws. I truly feel so very blessed to have had her brought into my life. I always joke to Raymond that I owe his brother a huge hug and kiss for marrying her! She is the kind of friend that is there for you no matter what's going on in her life. And lately, she has been such a wonderful outlet for me to vent to! I am so thankful for our phone calls that go on for hours, for all of the late nights we've stayed up talking (and drinking wine!), for the advice that she always seems to have up her sleeve, and for her purely non judgemental attitude towards life. Keys, you are truly one of my best friends and I love you so much! I hope this birthday- albeit a very special one indeed- stands out among the rest and you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!
"Don't let the rain get you down, it's a waste of time. Have your fun, live every day in the bright sunshine. Be young, be foolish, be happy."
-The Tams
Love, Charlotte

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  1. A beautiful tribute to Keys, Charlotte. And one she deserves. And that picture was at the beach house, too! Yay!


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