Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost there!

Well our nursery is almost complete! The glider came in, the curtains are hung and the clothes are all washed (after several loads)! My mom is going to come out this weekend and help me get super organized- we still have one challenge left as far as getting the diapers and wipes organized but I think we have found a solution so we will post pictures of that once complete. I also have a girl coming to paint a monogram on the wall and another girl I have commissioned to custom make a painting for Georgia. I think this weekend we will hang some shelves, get the video monitoring up and going, get the pack and play and stroller put together and we should be good to go!!
Still no relief with the new medicine for my headache. It's all about pain management at this point and I don't really realize that my head is hurting so bad until someone asks me about it. I just try and tune it out. We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning and will get hooked up to the fetal monitor. We always have really good results with the Non Stress Test so we hope tomorrow will be no different! I have been taking Iron supplements to help with my anemia and hope to see some of my energy return soon enough. On a positive note, my appetite has been insatiable lately so hopefully I won't have any more weight loss1 My weight gain has been pretty much non existent the past two weeks, but baby girl still seems to be getting what she needs! She 5 pounds 1 ounce two weeks ago (this puts her in the 68 percentile) so we are really thrilled with her growth. Even though we get ultrasounds every week, they only weigh once every few weeks to insure accuracy.
We do have a few prayer requests and we feel so blessed to have all of you rooting us on.
Please pray for Raymond's coworker and his wife. They are due in July and I think she is experiencing some difficulties as well. We of course can sympathize with them and know how frustrating it can be verging into the unknown. We pray for the health of her and their baby boy.
Please pray for my sister in law Key's grandfather. He is in the hospital and trying to recoup from some surgery. He is 86 and going strong so we hope that he has a speedy recovery and her family can find some relief and he can return home soon. Keys is so totally more than a sister in law to me and is truly a Godsend to me and I feel so very blessed to have her in my life. Neither one of us were blessed with blood sisters so we are so lucky to have each other to bitch to! She has definitely been a major factor in keeping my sanity!! I love you girl!! Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!!

"Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you."

Love, Charlotte and her crew

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